18 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. intollerant at memes

    The Fall’s new album, ‘New Facts Emerge’ comes out on Friday 28th, or tomorrow if you prefer.
    There’s a track on it called ‘Victoria Train Station Massacre’*.

    If it doesn’t show up on one of the Red-tops I shall be most ingruntled.

    *don’t even think of it.

      1. DefectiveColumbo@memes

        Yeah, but…
        It wasn’t ‘moderated’ or deleted, was it?
        – One rule for the only important band in the World, another rule for me…
        I get it. I’m used to it.

        I know who the moderators are… both of them
        …You’d be able work it out yourself too if you were in moderation as long as I’ve been.

        The moderators are brilliant. I love those guys, just as much as they love me.

        1. DefectiveColumbo@memes

          @ moderators…
          – see the way I said ‘Guys’.? I didn’t even mention that one of you is a female. I deserve some kind of leniency for that, surely?

      2. DefectiveColumbo@memes

        And another thing, me learned Brother…
        It’s a very short track… 1:14 long…
        …almost half of which can be heard here ;

        It’s just a normal incoherent rant, rendered redundant behind a rebellious riff.
        Standard Fall really.

        But if there’s a crappy journalists reading who wants to make a story out of nothing, or who’s looking for any oul’ excuse to talk about The Fall, knock yourselves out.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Even bigger ignorant f@cker from Offaly.
    I’d say he’s paid his state pension in pies.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      If he hasn’t rang his local chipper every evening by 8 they call him to make sure everything’s okay.

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