Anthony Sheridan writes

Establishment/Irish Examiner journalist Daniel McConnell tweeted the above comment  in response to the Irish Water debacle in Louth and Meath.

What’s really amazing is the apparent ignorance of journalists like McConnell when it comes understanding the real, underlying reason for the rebellion against water charges.

Journalists such as McConnell are apparently incapable of going beyond the economic collapse of 2008 when analysing the on-going, historic changes in the political landscape.

They appear to be completely unaware that the water charges campaign has little to do with water and everything to do with the dramatic and continuing collapse of the old corrupt political regime made up principally of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the now almost extinct Labour Party.

Since the 1992 election when Dick Spring reneged on his promise to rid Irish politics of the disease of corruption by joining forces with the criminal politician Haughey, the Irish people have been progressively losing faith in, not just the political system, but the State itself.

This undeniable and obvious rejection of the old regime is there to see in election results for all those not wearing establishment blinkers.

Those wearing blinkers such as McConnell appear happy to analyse the political scene under the simplistic and insulting (to citizens) idea that it’s all down to an ignorant people, angry with austerity, being led astray by evil Trotskyists.


Daniel McConnell: Happy to wear establishment blinkers (Anthony Sherida, Public Enquiry)


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34 thoughts on “Disconnection

  1. Paps

    This undeniable and obvious rejection of the old regime is there to see in election results for all those not wearing establishment blinkers.
    [Citation needed]

    Aren’t the old regime still in-charge mate?

    1. Custo

      Not that old one. The ‘other’ old one.

      We’ll vote that old one out in a year or two, and replace them with the old ‘old’ regime to see how that goes.

  2. Kid Creole Jensen

    This establishment tag that the rent a mob scribes that use is really tiresome. McConnell is a fine journalist and he is making a valid point. Our water system is in dissarray. But labelling every journalist as establishment or msm is tiresome and essentially anti-democratic. If Commissar Murphy (late of St Killians Deutsche schule) gets his way there will be no free press just Solidarity appointed information officers.

    1. gepo the great

      “rent a mob” is a tiresome tag. it’s a very Trumpian tactic to just ignore the point made by Sheridan and dismiss it because he said ‘establishment’ … once. after that you were done, no point to be taken. all dismissed because of this. It’s a classic right-wing tactic, to get caught up in language and distract .. ‘oh oh, but no.. mm mm. no. You’re name calling now’ and not address the actual details of what’s said. You’re only defense for mcConnell is that he’s a fine journalist who makes a good point. And the only thing you have to back up his ‘valid point’ is that the water system is in disarray. instead of listening to, im sure countless people, who you’ve heard outline the facts of Irish Water, and the incredible waste of money on the super quango. money that couldve been used to overhaul the whole water system. So.. I don’t think you’re a stupid person, but the only reasoning you could say this is because you’re (a) stupid or (b) know the facts but area creating a different narrative to the facts for some sort of personal reasons, be it career involvement, or otherwise. I don’t know. and i’m sure you won’t tell me. But either way, your ideals would hurt many people around the country if brought into fruition. So for that reason I want you to die.

  3. Jocky

    The “movement” was nothing more than the leeches exercising their right to break stuff because they were finally asked to pay for something rather than have it lumped into income tax.

  4. curmudgeon

    I’m not sure what McConnell is getting at here. The council would actually have fixed this faster since they already had the waiver for right to access the land, the knowledge of what type of pipe was laid and where exactly it was located.

    Irish Water has to employ many former council staff because only they know these things (and they never recorded them).

    1. Andy

      Ignorance is bliss. IW is effectively the councils plus a management layer. That’s the problem. IW outsourced all operations to the councils and the unions made them keep every single LA staff member.

      It is the council that is actually fixing the pipes on the ground along with engineers from the now larger IW group.

      So either you think having less engineers on the ground would be better or you’ve no idea what you’re talking about.

      1. Curmudgeon

        I work for a civil engineering company that has contracts from Irish Water. What’s your field of expertise may I ask?

      2. Rob_G

        Yes, tell Curmudgeon what you work as, so he can properly calibrate the level of condescension that he will use.

  5. Joe

    Oh Dear!, Obviously the FF/FG/Labour pay thrice for everything,privatize and commodify water fan boys and girls are still badly smarting after having their collective parasitical butts been kicked by the Democratic majority of the electorate who believe in a fair society where people pay their fair share of taxes via fair and equitable general taxation to e.g. supply water services rather than squander money on a joke construct like the totally discredited Irish Water. Truly their ire would be better served if they questioned why multi millions have been squandered by Irish Water in setting up a billing company rather than spending the money on repairing the leaks!

    1. Rob_G

      Another [citation needed] – did Fine Gael not get reelected? And are Solidarity not on 2%?

      1. Tabloid Rag

        You can always spot the bolloxes on the internet a mile away

        They’re the lads saying ‘citation needed’ – on an internet bulletin board!

        my sides


    Hateful SPECIMEN of humanity ..How dare he look down on the 100 thousand +++++ citizens who marched on the streets of OUR capital against water charges WE HAVE A 9.4 EXEMPTION …

      1. Rob_G

        She even has ALL CAPS in her user name, just so as you really know that she’s mad as hell and she ain’t gonna take it any more.

        1. dav

          she’ll take blushirt corruption and the privatisation of our natural resources every day, it seems…

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Just wondering why David McConnell thinks the anti-water people should express an opinion on a leak. It’s not as if IW has been starved of cash. They’ve been gifted 5€billion over the next few years – more than they would have collected if they had received water payments.
    The silence about the inability to plan for this leak (and it’s not as if that particular pipe hasn’t leaked before) from IW is opinion enough expressed.

    1. jusayinlike

      +1 GG, all the cretins coming out to champion him too, gas stuff, ex indo shill reporter incapable of objective journalism..

  8. Kolyn

    McConnell is being a naughty troll. He’s certainly aware ‘the anti-water charge brigade’ routinely called for repairing the water infrastructure albeit funded from general taxation and not via the introduction of water bills

    1. Ivor

      Not a troll. Trolls like to get a reaction from those they dislike.

      No. Our Daniel has sights set above the riff raff. He wants the “people who get up early in the morning” and “pay for everything” crowd to nod in approval.

      You know the sort. The “entrepreneurs”. The aspirational. Those in households above 120k who regard themselves as the squeezed middle because their rental property in Birr is in negative equity so they had to postpone the ski trip two years. The decent people who vote FG (or for a sensible Labour candidate like Ruairi Quinn) and know that people need to get real and support Irish Water because the alternative is raising income tax on the top 10% or some other such madness!

  9. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    Why is it a surprise? Everyone knows the Irish media are biased against the #jobstowninnocent.

    Our outgoing Chief Justice Susan Gageby of course would never make comments about social media that might be a reference of a case in the courts. And of course matters of legislation and the need for it would never be an issue of separation of powers now, would it?

  10. Tabloid Rag

    I think Sheridan has a fair point but then so does McConnell

    Think I can fit that into a tweet?

  11. Murtles

    Happy to post my reasons again why I didn’t pay my water charges. Irish Water was set up with corruption, quangoism and a “jobs for the boys” attitude from Day 1. Ex County Managers like Hubert Kearns (Sligo) and Ray O’Dwyer (Waterford) who retired with huge lump sums and pensions knowing in advance they’ll land plum jobs with Irish Water regardless of the trail of destruction the left behind (Kearns left Sligo County Council in debt to the tune of €80million – how is he considered competent for a top job). Consultancy and Legal fees thrown about that we’re prove to be twice the amount of other Water Providers in other EU countries. And lets not forget the whole SiteServ / [Redacted] incident, one of the most corrupt back handed under the counter deal ever done (let Broadsheet educate you if you don’t know, many great articles on it in here). I’ll let my pipes run dry before I pay a cent to Irish Water (washing in mud is therapeutic I hear).

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