Graphic Disclosures


Disclosures Tribunal timeline

The trail of allegations both contaminated and uncontaminated against Garda whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe revealed during the course of the Disclosures Tribunal to date.

Anon writes:

You’re doing a terrific job reporting on and keeping track of the Disclosures Tribunal. Thanks to all involved!

I was trying to explain events to a friend the other night and came up with this timeline graph (above). Might be a handy visualization for any lost in the who’s who.

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6 thoughts on “Graphic Disclosures

  1. Truth in the News

    What really happened is that the original “allegations” made in 2006 failed
    and when additional disclosures emerged on the penalty points, the cut and
    paste exercise emerged but failed to get traction once it went up the ladder
    but it was useful to feed the rumor mill within the lower rank and file just in case
    they got restless and started to add new revelations.
    One Wonders how they kept the lid on it….its must be the size of the top brass caps
    and belts that did the job:

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