Galway’s Dark Side


Do you enjoy the dark arts?

Read on.

Ciarán Creedon, of Hexen Haus Productions, writes:

We are running a unique event in Galway on August 19 focusing on Black and Death Metal, Harsh Noise and Dark Ambient music as a complete paradox to the Galway International Arts Festival, because this type of darker art is never catered for at this 2 week festival.

I thought may be interested in it as you have covered bands such as Malthusian, Coscradh and Zealot Cult in the past, and all of them have played at last year’s ‘Galway Dark Arts Festival’. It is very unusual for any Irish media outlets to acknowledge Metal music’s existence on this island so we thank you for what you have done to date.

This year Hexen Haus bring forth bands and decrepit dark artists from all over the isle and across the channel. As well as the aim of further developing the metal scene in Galway…

*devil horn sign*

Galway Dark Arts Festival 2017 (Facebook)

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