Meanwhile, In Mosul



John Reilly writes:

I’m RTÉ Radio One staff. I’ve been in Iraq for the past couple of weeks and shot the short video at the first large food and water aid delivery into central and western Mosul since “Liberation” from Isis earlier this month.

As you will see the security situation remains extremely volatile especially as gathering crowds queuing for aid become soft targets for suicide bombers. Thus, larger NGOs are staying away, and people are dying from food shortages and drinking contaminated and poisoned water.

The video was shot in western Mosul last Friday, July 21, and the aid was delivered by local Iraqi groups Bridge, Iraqi builders and independents Dylan Longman and John Reilly.

20 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Mosul

  1. Rob_G

    Why does John put “liberation” between quotes – does he really think that the people were better off under Daesh?

    1. postmanpat

      Either that or maybe he thinks the liberators are also Daesh? That is technically the second way you can read into his “liberation” between quotes comment. The third reason might be he thinks the Iraqis haven’t gotten rid of Daesh fully and considers the reported mission success to be a lie. The fourth and most likely reason is that he is an idiot “journalist”.

  2. Andrew

    Why are you sharing this on a website unrelated to RTE John?
    You work for RTE not Broadsheet.

    1. Tony

      Easy there Andy. Probably easier and faster to get a YouTube video up on Broadsheet than on the RTÉ News site.

  3. Tabloid Rag

    There’s some learnings here for how to deal with the “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay” crowd going forward

    1. Topsy

      ” some learnings” You could do with a bit of education yourself judging by your comment.

  4. Jake38

    “Liberation” from systematic “rape” and “beheading”. Wonderful use of “parentheses” by whoever this tootly-toot is.

  5. Nigel

    Well done John for the reporting. Well done commenters for their brave stand against quotation marks. Pity parentheses got caught in the crossfire.

    1. Rob_G

      A now, it completely changed the meaning of statement.

      I really like Nigel.

      I “really” like Nigel.

      1. Nigel

        I think it was just trying to suggest that the liberation wasn’t working out so awesomely for the inhabitants of Mosul and I’ve no idea how this could be seen as controversial or lead to someone calling the journalist on the ground an “idiot.”

        I “like” you “too.”

  6. Stephen

    harrowing stuff,it appears the extremely brave albeit meager response from the small aid team is so pitiful considering the whole world knows about Mosul and a more coordinated and sufficient response from the global community is not forthcoming.

    1. Rob_G

      In so far as I understand it, there is plenty of aid available for Mosul, but the situation there is so dangerous that agencies are unwilling to risk their staff’s lives by sending them there (which is understandable).

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