Once 2: Twice The Fun


Earlier this week, with FIVE free double passes to see the 7UP/Happenings presentation of  Once in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2 Tomorrow night on offer,, we asked you to devise a plot for a sequel to the popular Irish musical

You answered in your tens.

The five winners in no particular order were:

Yep: “The plot for Once 2 will involve a part time musician making ends meet by erecting fences at a Direct Provision centre who falls in love with a young woman from Nigeria with 2 kids. The love blossoms and they record an EP which they can’t tour because it’s considered “earnings”. The EP is leaked online and draws attention to the situation the new family are living in. The 3rd act is essentially that Paul Simon Graceland concert in the RDS.”

Mourinho: “The plot for ‘Once 2′ will involve the same repetitive dull rehash of a song all the way through, and a big marketing push, a music video, some short clips to go viral, and fawning from local press talking about the awards season.”

Sue Butler: “The plot thickens when one dark winter night screams are heard coming from the sitting room that housed the piano that love & friendship had grown from, only to find that the piano had given birth to…a Baby Piano. ”

Joxer: “The plot for Once 2 will involve Glen Hansard character ‘Hoover Fixing Guy’ building a Robot who fights crime and busks on the side…RoboBusker will be epic….”

Daisy Chainsaw: ‘The plot for ‘Once 2′ will involve Guy (Glen Hansard) buying a speaker and getting plugged in. The full title is Once 2: Electric Boogaloo

Thanks all.

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