Arms And The Transgender


In Atlanta, Georgia.

Rob Reeves continues his vox pop-based tour of USA and meets a transgender woman who works as a security guard in the wake of Donald Trump’s transgender US Army ban.

You’ll like her.

Protesting Trump’s Transgender Ban (New York Times)

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7 thoughts on “Arms And The Transgender

  1. Eoin

    You got a thing called ‘unit cohesion’ in the army. It’s how likely a platoon is to stick together and stay sane under pressure. Sticking black troops into all white platoons ruined unit cohesion back in WW2, because the whites didn’t want blacks in their units and vice versa. So you got black units and white units. History would have to repeat for people with gender dysphagia in the army so you’d end up with transgender only units. Might make a good plot for a comedy movie but that unit would be a weak link in your force. And the propaganda value for the enemy would be priceless. Though having said all that the ancient Greeks found gay couples to be the most ferocious fighters in time of war. Lovers defend each other to the death and become enraged to see their other half wounded etc. So I dunno. Maybe transgenders can go in couples into some sort of specialist commando unit? Hmmmm.

  2. Gay Tea Shop

    Trump would be on the right track if he banned straights from the US War Machine. Why should LBTGQ drone operators have all the fun at Afghan weddings.

    Get over it.

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