The Lonely Libertarian


Keith Redmond (left) and William Campbell

Libertarians don’t get much of a look in to Irish politics.

But they do have one elected politician.

On episode 66 of the Here’s How podcast, William Campbell meets Keith Redmond, a Fingal county councillor, a founder of the Hibernia Forum think tank and Libertarian with few limits.


Listen here.

Here’s How

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4 thoughts on “The Lonely Libertarian

  1. RuilleBuille

    All cheerleaders to a man of light touch regulation, ‘let the market decide’ (until it goes tits up and then get the poor taxpayer to bail out the rich) and the rush to austerity.

    Been there, done that!

  2. DavidT

    Funny, he says that clerics once exerted ‘moral’ authority but now it’s medics do that. Sorry, medics are (at least, should be) the scientific authority, not moral.

    Generally, I’m not surprised he’s alone. “I don’t want regulations – unless they protect me.”

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