You Can’t Beat The System


This morning.

Fruitless attempts to secure tickets for LCD Soundsystem at the Olympia Theatre.

LCD Soundsystem (Ticketmaster)

16 thoughts on “You Can’t Beat The System

  1. Frilly Keane

    I think this is an Olympia thing too btw
    Meself and Heartbroken Anon tried to get Erasure tickets
    Any night any type
    No chance

  2. Kolmo

    Reports last week of a Dublin based organised criminal organisation have managed to code a bot that ‘buys’ the tickets, creating a false demand and gouging those willing to pay above face value for them thus creating a nice profit for nothing…
    People just need to stop buying the tickets when gouging is obvious – sure, a few millionaire artists will be temporarily peeved when their concerts are cancelled

  3. MrMurphster

    Be interesting to know how many of the 1600 were publicly available in the 1st place.

  4. Steve

    Just saw them here in sydney. Great gig so keep trying to get tickets if you can. They even played new unreleased material.

  5. Tony

    I like/don’t like/blabla LCD Soundsystem but isn’t the whole concert ticket racket controlled by a handful of scumbag touts that can’t be stopped ever, even by god or the law or the Avengers?

  6. b

    the conspiracy theorists are out in force again, a very popular band are playing a small venue, sure some touts got tickets but the main reason is demand > supply

    and being on the site at 8.50 means nought as the system only opens at 9am, there is no queue

    i didn’t get tickets either but that’s life

    1. Jonjo


      Just because you didn’t get a ticket doesn’t mean no one did. On Boards a fair few are saying they got tickets.

      It’s a small venue and even at 3 nights it’s not enough to meet demand. A lot less touts too as the name of the purchaser is printed on all tickets and they will have to walk in together. Doesn’t completely eliminate the touts but cuts out a large proportion of the casual tout.

  7. Donal

    I’m a bit peeved cos at 9.01 the system offered me 3 standing tickets, countdown clock said I had 2 mins to accept, ten seconds later I clicked accept and it told me to start again. grrrrrr

  8. Bort

    Didn’t they have a “farewell show”? Seen em before anyway, they’re grand, that’s about it

  9. dhaughton99

    Mr. Burns:
    And to think, Smithers: you laughed when I bought TicketMaster. “Nobody’s going to pay a 100% service charge.”

    Waylon Smithers:
    Well, it’s a policy that ensures a healthy mix of the rich and the ignorant, sir.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      v excited to give new album proper listen. just been skipping though it but sounds great.

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