Free Next Sunday?


At the Forty Foot in Dun Laoghaire 

A Facebook group, entitled Protect Our Seas, Ditch The Drills at The Forty Foot, writes:

On July 11th 2017, the Irish government gave consent to Providence Resources to begin drilling for oil and gas in the Porcupine Basin off the south-west coast of Ireland.

The same company are now preparing for a submission for a licence which will allow them to start drilling in the Kish Bank of Dublin Bay, barely kilometres away from The Forty Foot.

This drilling would have serious effects on greenhouse gas emissions, water quality and Irish marine life. We have to stand in solidarity with our friends in Cork and Kerry to stop this rogue company before it builds up momentum and turns its oil rigs to Dublin Bay.

Join us on [Sunday] August 6th as we take action at the Forty Foot coinciding with action in Cork to tell our government that this is not acceptable – not here, not anywhere!

A petition against oil or gas drilling off the Irish coast can be signed here

Protect Our Seas, Ditch The Drills at The Forty Foot (Facebook)

Related: Forty Foot ‘next in line’ for oil exploration, claims Senator (The Irish Times, July 19, 2017)


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19 thoughts on “Free Next Sunday?

  1. newsjustin

    “….to stop this rogue company before it…”

    I wonder why they’re a “rogue” company?

    1. Boj

      If you really have no idea what this means – Google map is your friend. It will give you a good idea of the distances involved. It can be accessed by typing into the address bar at the top of your browser. Check it out, it’s a handy website to know.

      1. edalicious

        “barely kilometres away from The Forty Foot” typed into Maps, surprisingly, gives no results.

          1. LennyZero

            According to google maps, Kish Bank to the 40 foot is 13 kilometres, how is that “barely kilometres away from The Forty Foot”

          2. Boj

            Grrreat! Well no you know that “barely kilometres away from The Forty Foot” is actually 13km. Surely that answered your question?

  2. Sam

    Providence Resources – Tony O’Reilly…
    bragged about being ‘given’ the best plot by Bertie, rather than the normal allocation process.
    His rags wrote about Shell to Sea that the protestors had no idea how the industry worked, that we ‘had’ to give the Corrib field away cos nobody would drill there, because of the huge cost of drilling holes….
    And at the same time Providence was not paying to dig their holes because they’d set up a deal with another company to do the actual drilling in return for a % of any finds.

      1. Sam

        Not just how good it was, but that he’d circumvented the legit allocation. And with O’Reilly, I doubt he needed to exaggerate.

  3. It Won't Stand Up In Court

    Why don’t these people fupp off?
    Where is the evidence that the drilling would have any adverse effects?

    Fupp off south dublin feminitwits

  4. Mé Féin

    Who is going to buy this oil? It looks like we’re last to the party.

    France and Britain electric-only cars and vans 2040
    India 2030
    Norway 2025
    Other countries have set targets: Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Korea and Spain.
    If California sets an official target then it’s game over for petrol.

  5. Person who gives a poo

    This will mean billions more barrels of oil being burned and put up into the atmosphere – the amount would be equivalent to 25 years of ALL Ireland’s current (high) level of emissions. How can the government allow this. Just to be clear, all scientific experts tell us we face an horrific existential crisis with climate change that will likely threaten our ability to grow food and survive as humans this century. In that context, it is NOT OK for our government – who are already lagging behind the rest of Europe in keeping to our own emissions reduction commitments – to facilitate this.

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