Examining The Nama Effect


Frank Connolly


In the Sunday Business Post.

It was reported that a book by investigative journalist Frank Connolly, called Nama-land, will be published by Gill & Macmillan in October.

Tom Lyons reported:

A book to be published in October is expected to contain significant revelations concerning the operations of Nama and the manner in which its disposal of public assets has transformed property ownership and created a new elite in Ireland.

Written by investigative journalist Frank Connolly, Nama-land details events from the establishment of the ‘bad bank’ in 2009 and its management and subsequent sale of huge property portfolios, mainly to US vulture funds over recent years. It examines how the process has enriched international investors and their local agents against the background of a deepening housing and mortgage crisis.

It also looks at the role of key players in politics and business, North and South, including in the controversial sale by Nama of its Northern Ireland portfolio, Project Eagle, to US fund Cerberus in 2014.

“I hope it will get behind what has been something of a veil of secrecy surrounding the operations of Nama and the largest disposal of public assets in the history of the state. It is based on research, facts and investigative journalism and will be published in October,” Connolly said.

Book to lift lid on Nama’s operations and their fallout (The Sunday Business Post)


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5 thoughts on “Examining The Nama Effect

    1. Adama

      Frank’s back! Just as Vincent B exits stage left the 2nd most cranky journalist in Ireland re-appears stage right.

      Coincidence? Or maybe Frank would like a TV gig to complement his writing career…

  1. Mick

    We’ve all heard of the stuff that went down there….
    weirdly, I hope there is more shocking stuff that’ll really freak us out so that we may realise your working kids will never be able to buy a house

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