Spoiling Cork’s Facade


 Washington Street, Cork

Jonathan writes:

Another protected structure being wrecked in Cork. This time by the giant Reardens Group, who have taken it upon themselves to demolish old brickwork in a landmark protected building on Washington Street to install ugly concrete slabs for smokers to sit on. No planning permission. Save Cork City!


33 thoughts on “Spoiling Cork’s Facade

  1. Anomanomanom

    What’s so special about that building. It’s not as if its beautiful to look at, seats are hardly damaging it.

  2. Boj

    Is there a difference between ‘landmark’ building and ‘listed’ building?
    Also, why the dig at smokers? Anyone can sit there.

      1. Hansel

        People (unbelievably) queue at the other side of the door – a lengthy queue – to get in. Hence no seating that side.

    1. Jonathan

      It’s a protected structure. Britain has ‘listed’ buildings but it’s the same principle.

    2. Jonathan

      Just because people want a place to sit doesn’t mean a legally protected building can be illegally altered. We have to preserve what’s left of our architectural heritage.

      1. Frilly Keane

        It wasn’t a bar originally
        as far as I remember

        Maybe the objection should have been about it getting a Licence
        I’m not arguing with you Ivan
        I agree the building should be protected
        Cork City & Council Planners have managed to do a good job over the years
        to be fair like

        but they made a effin’ hames of Douglas

        1. Jonathan

          Over the years the city has been destroyed especially during the 60’s and 70’s. So I would have to disagree that the councils have ‘done a good job’. Look at old photos of cork and look at it now. Look at merchants quay what was there before and look at it now, what about Patrick’s street which is now a series of mobile phone shops and fast food outlets. In 2003, during the height of Celtic tiger madness, we paid for a Spanish architect to come and put ridiculous lights all over the place. Look at the old tax office, what about queens old castle, original interior destroyed. Businesses in cork allowed to do whatever they please! So yeah disagreeing with you there on the ‘good job’ on planning. Next is the lee wall…

    1. Jonathan

      I dunno why I even bothered posting this on here as it seems to be just mainly Dubs responding, who don’t care, looking down on Cork and a few Cork people having a look and caring even less what goes on in their own city. Sure just concrete over the whole lot of it and add some PVC, it’ll be grand! I give up.

        1. Jonathan

          Yes and you can bring in the wrecking ball and finish off the rest of the city. Make a nice easy to maintain concrete area. It’ll be lovely!

  3. Brian Cowen

    That’s not Rearden’s Bar. If you’re going to complain about something the least you could do is look at the name of the bar.

    1. Jonathan

      Maybe you should also do the same, it’s part of the Reardens group of companies. Just trying to be precise.

    2. Jonathan

      Never said it was “Reardens Bar”. They are the huge company that own it. That’s relevant because they are ultimately the ones responsible for this disregard for our heritage and illegal concreting.

  4. Frilly Keane

    ah now Johathan
    calm down

    there was nonna that PVC carry on when I lived in Cork
    and thank you for submitting the above to Broadsheet

    yes, Cork had and still has the most beautiful of shop windows, facades and buildings
    and I too am sorry to see what has been done to what I thing might have been Mannix and Coulhans at one point

    you should see what they did to my Grandfathers home on Popes Quay
    but sur’
    I a mere visitor these day

    Keep on posting Jonathan

  5. Gay Tea Shop

    Don’t panic! A bight new donut shop front for tubby, moany millennials will be along shortly and you won’t know yourselves! It’s gonna be like you’re in the real capital!

  6. Goosey Lucy

    What a shower of Dublin-centrists you all are!
    I think Cork rocks- it’s a v friendly city with a nice relaxed vibe and some great eatin’ !
    (For a bit of balance, like)

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