Twilight Of The Gods


From top: Claire Byrne, Ryan Tubridy with Miriam O Callaghan at the launch of the 2016/17 programmes on RTÉ Grand Canal Dock, Dublin; the 2014/15 top salaries at the station


*kicks telly*

Ken Foxe writes:

RTÉ top ten salaries published. Wonder who earns the most per hour of actual broadcasting?


Tubridy, D’Arcy and Duffy highest-paid RTÉ presenters in 2015 (RTÉ)

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47 thoughts on “Twilight Of The Gods

  1. Zaccone

    My god, what a stupendous waste of money. The top 5 “big hitters” shouldn’t be on more than 200k. Nobody else should be on more than 100k. Thats still a fantastic wage, for doing an interesting job.

    And now that the BBC’s relatively low salaries have been published we know the “stars” have nowhere to go. Even if the BBC would employ them (which they wouldn’t, for most of them), they wouldn’t be on a stellar salary there.

    The millions saved could do so much for funding of Irish Arts and Culture.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      bang on

      Ray D’Arcy, Derek Mooney, Joe Duffy… could they get jobs at BBC? Yaaaaayyy they could. I don’t see any of the top 5 being worth even 200. I’d have them at 100. And the rest 40-50.

      1. hex

        I wouldn’t be so sure. Stephen Nolan – who is by pretty much any measure an inferior talent to Joe Duffy, earns £400,000 – £450,000 in the Beeb.

        1. ahjayzis

          How is he inferior? I think he has a show on radio in NI, as well as a UK-wide show on 5-Live and he hosts a TV show and does election coverage.

          Duffy answers the phone for an hour and a half a day?

          1. Alastair

            “How us he inferior?”

            Have you had the misfortune to hear/see his work? He’s the definition of lowest common denominator dross.

        2. Andrew

          That’s BBC affirmative action to make sure they have provincial accents heard across their platforms.

  2. phil

    The thing that annoys me is they pretend to be employees , but they are too good to pay tax or contribute to PRSI like the rest of us, so I guess the non employees only pay 12.5% tax

    1. hex

      Who’s pretending to be an employee? As contractors they’ll be paying Class S PRSI, and USC the same as everyone else, income tax, and, as mentioned below, their income from RTE will have VAT deducted.

        1. Alastair

          Nope. The VAT is indeed deducted from the full contractor income. It may be on top of the figures listed above, but it’s certainly deducted from the total. So the notion of only paying 12.5% tax is a mite misguided.

  3. ahjayzis

    Didn’t Darcy used to go off on well-heeled RTE folk before he became one (again)?

    Are TV3 or TG4 going to spend 180k a year on Dobbo’s autocue skills if he’s not given that sum from RTE?

    295k to skim read the sunday papers and have a natter with her middle class friends about how terrible the poor are before taking 13 weeks of holidays. Marian’s got to have naked photos of the DG.

    At least they can afford it with the profit they’re bringing in. No, hang on, that’s 20 million of a loss they’re selling public land to cover.

    But at least they cater to everyone in Ireland.
    Bar the under 70’s.

    1. Ronán FitzGerald

      Moaney Finnucane had to be one of the most ill informed of them all… And then we have Joe… Who last year bemoaned the fact that he couldn’t afford a holiday… guess he’s supporting I phone joan…

  4. frank

    Good God Almighty!
    This non-story is just typical of the utter-scutter that every year bedevils us once the yokes up in the Dáil feck off for their fuppwit-siesta.
    Who in their right mind would use a measuring tape to gauge the speed of rushing water in a tidal river?
    Would that level of stupidity be accepted anywhere?
    It’s the same standard being applied here.
    A dog with a mallet up his backside would do better than the Irish media is doing in locating news.
    Feck sake!!!

  5. Otis Blue

    So we have Contractors that appear to provide a service to a single client; one for whom they work on multiple projects across different media and for which they receive outrageous remuneration. All paid for by the taxpayer while fully being insulated from the vagaries of the market. Private sector gains with public sector guarantees and assurances.

    I’d like that. But it’s not my reality.

      1. Otis Blue

        Here’s the thing. They’re contractors not employees. As a contractor they don’t have a boss. They are the boss.

    1. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

      No that’s Game of Thrones you’re looking for
      It’s on Netflix

    1. downwithdaysul

      ^ he committed suicide a few years’ after that.

      In Ireland, we punish the poor/mentally ill and reward the wealthy & corrupt.

  6. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    What are the salaries in the Irish Times like?

    How much is Miriam Lord paid compared with say Mr O’Toole?

  7. Andrew

    I hope they raise the licence fee. I have no TV so it won’t bother me, but it might wake enough people from their slumber.
    Forced payment for this loss making, cabal is extortion.

  8. Zoella

    What on earth does Ryan Tubridy spend his €400K+ on? All he ever seems to do is tag along with his kids and their friends.

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