6 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

      1. Henry Woods

        I am? That’s great news!
        Good to see you’re still keeping Broadsheet entertained.
        Just dropped in to see what condition the auld news is in.
        It’s terrible but we’re in a loop.
        If we don’t make the good news and the real news.
        We must suffer the cycle of bad and fake news.

        And you know who’s fault all this is?
        Those people who willingly sit the audiences for these RTE chat shows.

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Ten minute news bulletin, because “de Minister” is on holiday, and can’t be arsed to “warn” us about something. In a way, it’s quite restful.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Mind now… when Marian says she’s ‘not sure’ how her salary is negotiated, one may get a bit twitchy…. jaysus, that’s damn comfy to be the highest paid per HR and not have a clue how your own salary is negotiated. Pulse o’ the people an’ stuff…

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