21 thoughts on “Pennywise

  1. you

    Hardly an original idea…. And just €700? Were the adhesives, grout and apoxy coating free? That’s great! The shop looks like tat.
    Also why are you posting this BS

  2. Robert

    is that £700 worth of coins or does that include all the work that went into it as well. Not saying it’s not “very cool” but the economics of it may not be as straightforward as they seem …

  3. Andrew

    “Rich Holtham and his staff at BS4 Barbers at Dudley in the West Midlands paved the 10×15 foot shop”
    Did Rich pay his staff to do the flooring? Maybe they will share in the profits. I’m sure that’s what will happen.

        1. Nigel

          Pop in for a trim and if you come out with your head flat and level and easy to sweep you’ll have your answer.

  4. Murtles

    Jesus H, calm down folks, it’s a demonstration of an artistic concept that looks much better than laminate flooring. Ye’re under no obligation to contribute any money or attend the shop even though they said they have got business out of it as it’s a unique design. Relax the cacks and go look at some “Where would you get it photos” if this upsets ye so much.

    1. Nigel

      I think the mixing of traditionally feminine haircutting and traditionally masculine floor-laying had triggered some sort of confused agressive display behaviour. They’ll calm down in a bit and return to grooming each other.

    1. Djin Genie

      Lovely pattern on the Tonya Tooners floor – definitely not the original, though. The earliest penny floor I know of is by Mike & Annie’s Penny Bar in California. The NYT ran a feature on them in 2007 which likely inspired NYC design house Roman and Williams, whose iteration at the Standard Grill in 2009 made it achingly hip. Other interior designers emulated it and DIY versions have been knocking around the internet ever since, spawning literally thousands of imitations and finally, years later… reaching the West Midlands. Ay up, Dudley. Good to see a local independent business in an economically depressed area getting publicity, all the same.

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