Still In Love With You


Custom House Quay, Dublin 1


Dan O’Neill writes:

On my way to work, I saw a middle aged builder walking towards me. A big, burly fella with tattoos. Not the kind of bloke you’d want to pick a fight with. No softy!

Anyway, he stopped dead in his tracks. Looked up at this cartoon image of Phil Lynott (above) on the wall and with childlike awe, placed his hand on the image. That moment, a massive smile burst across his face.

We could all learn from his ability to appreciate the little things in life and let the inner child peep out every now and then. A nice moment.


27 thoughts on “Still In Love With You

          1. Dan O' Neill (@activedan)

            Irony :) You’re both judging me it seems. Never pretended to be Shakespeare. I’m no writer and I’ve no problem with tattoos or builders Just trying to paint a picture to share what I thought was a nice moment. Perhaps badly.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            Why even mention that he’s a builder*, Dan? Is it because builders are uncultured, unsophisticated brutes with no emotional intelligence or capacity for sentimental response? Because that would be pretty judgemental. And wrong. You’ll get more emotional intelligence, compassion and humanity in your average builder than you’ll get in any banker.

            *And how do you know he was a builder? Middle-aged burly lad with tattoos? Work boots? Wizened face? Sure that’s any homosexual over the age of 30 in Dublin.

    1. Boj

      It was a nice moment AND a barf moment.
      Out of interest, what is the kind of bloke you’d want to pick a fight with?

  1. Digs

    Builder sounds like a pain in the bottom. Anyone who derives pleasure from the music of Phil Lynott would be a pain in the bum area.

    “With childlike awe”


      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        I loved the bass player in Frankie, what was his name…….oh yeah Trevor Horn…

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