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Paul Daly (above) and his famous Phil Lynott statue; a Philo miniature (top)

Are you a Thin Lizzy fan?

Artist Jim Fitzpatrick writes:

 I know from my dealings with so many of you guys that you all have a great love for Philip and Thin Lizzy – and big, big, generous hearts.

Here’s a grievous wrong we ALL need to help put right.

Did you know that sculptor Paul Daly who made that wonderful statue of Philip outside Bruxelles in Dublin never received a single penny in royalties for all the hundreds of miniatures of his work that have been sold?

He is going thru a tough time right now and needs our help. He has the same miniatures of his Philip statue for sale at a ridiculously low price on his website right now so spread the word. Go to here.
Let’s try to help him out.

Phil Lynott statues (Paul Daly)

Paul Daly

The Making Of The Phil Lynott Monument (Paul Daly)

Pics via Paul Daly

Philomena Lynott at the Phil Lynott exhibition opening in the Green Gallery, Dublin in 2009

Philomena Lynott, the mother of Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, has died aged 88.

She died on Wednesday morning, Hot Press has confirmed, after battling cancer for the past number of years.

Any excuse.

Phil Lynott’s mother Philomena has died aged 88 (RTÉ)



Custom House Quay, Dublin 1


Dan O’Neill writes:

On my way to work, I saw a middle aged builder walking towards me. A big, burly fella with tattoos. Not the kind of bloke you’d want to pick a fight with. No softy!

Anyway, he stopped dead in his tracks. Looked up at this cartoon image of Phil Lynott (above) on the wall and with childlike awe, placed his hand on the image. That moment, a massive smile burst across his face.

We could all learn from his ability to appreciate the little things in life and let the inner child peep out every now and then. A nice moment.