You Wait For Ages And Three Decades Show Up


This afternoon.[/caption]


This afternoon

Dublin Bus celebrated its 30th anniversary today with their longest serving employees reading favorite stories, including the lost missing table tennis bats (video above), which have been gathered into a giant Dublin Bus Legends Story Book chronicled since setting out 1987.

In fairness.

Middle pic from left: Des O Toole, Theresa Lydon, Sean Hyland, Craig Shearer and on top Ciaran Keogh and David Byrne.

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13 thoughts on “You Wait For Ages And Three Decades Show Up

    1. dav

      Is he the inspector that sorts out the queues on the quays during the week and he used to sort out the queues in Heuston at the weekends.

      1. Grace

        No, he is the random bus inspector that holds up the 145 bus for no reason on the quays in the evening – think he is at Heuston in the morning doing the same thing.

        I’ve often wondered, why does that route have an inspector like that overseeeing it so closely every day? No one does it on the 145 at the weekends, or any other bus route i get, in fact.

  1. Andrew

    Got on two Dublin buses yesterday for the first time in ages.
    They are as pig ignorant as ever.

  2. Anomanomanom

    Absolute waste of money. I cant see why private companies can not come in, using the already in place bus stops and route. Lets see how they compete

  3. Sheila

    I recognise David Byrne from Heuston Station on the return to the big schmoke on Sunday nights!
    Getting us culchies onto the 90 and 91 in an orderly fashion

  4. Peter Dempsey

    The guy in the third photo is a legend. He’s usually on Aston Quay where the 145 stops. Has a friendly word for everybody. A credit to Dublin Bus.

      1. sean

        and the other 364 days a year he’s an absolute gent , don’t he so negative , take a leaf out of his book

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