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Who’s driving this bus?

This morning.

Double decker-loving tykes help unveil a recruitment drive launched by Dublin Bus to encourage prospective women bus drivers.

Of the 2,550 drivers working for Dublin Bus only 97 are women.


‘Give it a spin’ – Dublin Bus wants more women drivers (RTÉ)

Pics via Cathal O’Sullivan (Newstalk)


During an item on the recruitment drive on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland this morning, Vivienne Kavanagh, Dublin Bus Employee Development and Equality Executive, was asked about pay.

Ms Kavanagh said:

“It starts at about €630 a week. And that’s a four-day week, inclusive of shift and Sunday premium so they’re working late shifts on Thursdays, over weekends. And then you move up onto a five-day week which is about €860.”

Further to this…

Listen back to the Morning Ireland item in full here

Yesterday evening.

Designer athletic-wear clad meathead fulminates following bird-flipping incident.

Location and Bus number unidentified.

The seat in the SG, the most common model across the Dublin Bus fleet of 1,014 buses

Ten recent drivers’ signing-off sheets, nine from between February to June 2019 and one with an unclear date, mention complaints with seats, and the cushion in particular.

These sheets are filled in when a bus driver reports a problem with a bus and are given to the depot inspector or relief driver.

“Foam failed in drivers’ seat,” says one.

Bottom of seat unwinding,” says another.

“No support on left hand side of seat,” says a third.

The majority say the left side of their seat cushion has worn down. “Drivers’ seat very hard to sit on,” says one. “Leg getting painful in back.

The seat problem doesn’t seem consigned to one model of bus. The signing-off dockets, show drivers were steering a few different models: SG, GT, and EV.

Some Dublin Bus Drivers Say Their Seats Are Making It Painful to Work (Aura McMenamin, The Dublin Inquirer)

Pic: The Dublin Inquirer

‘Message in a bottle’?




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This afternoon.

National Transport Authority (NTA) HQ, Dublin 2

National Transport Authority CEO Anne Graham and Deputy CEO Hugh Creegan at a press conference outlining details of phase one of the Bus Connects Core Bus Corridors project.

The proposed network aims to deliver ‘230kms of dedicated bus lanes and 200kms of cycle tracks along 16 of the busiest corridors’ in Dublin.


…most of the existing bus routes that flow into the centre of Dublin would be reorganised into seven simple spines.

Spines are very frequent lines. With a bus coming every 4 to 8 minutes all day, and even more frequently at peak hours, there is always a bus coming soon.

This high frequency makes it very fast to connect from one spine to another, as well as to other frequent lines like DART, Luas and the frequent orbitals.


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