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Steve White writes:

How do you maintain two metres social distancing when boarding, alighting and on board on a bus? as Dublin Bus says it wants you to do. I don’t believe its possible and Dublin Bus statement is corporate nonsense.


Introduction of Social Distancing Measures On-board (Dublin Bus)


Dublin Bus seating Yesterday.

Via Hille


Maccers writes:

Spotted this on Camden Street [Dublin 2] last night; it replaced the normal neon orange one so these might be replacing existing ones in Dublin?

Less light pollution on the street, OK, but impossible to read if you are more than 3 foot from it especially in the twilight.

Don’t know what it does after dark.

Not sure I like it, but hey, I don’t like change anyway so I’m a bad judge.


Last night.

Free the lanes!

This morning.

Ronan Palliser writes:

8.53am (top): Luas tweets about a broken down bus on Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

(above): a tow truck arrives on site.

In the meantime, Luas trips from Sandyford to Stephens Green take an hour and a half, despite that being the actual route for years.

How does it take 2 hours to get a tow truck to a bus on Dawson street? Not a rhetorical question.


Who’s driving this bus?

This morning.

Double decker-loving tykes help unveil a recruitment drive launched by Dublin Bus to encourage prospective women bus drivers.

Of the 2,550 drivers working for Dublin Bus only 97 are women.


‘Give it a spin’ – Dublin Bus wants more women drivers (RTÉ)

Pics via Cathal O’Sullivan (Newstalk)


During an item on the recruitment drive on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland this morning, Vivienne Kavanagh, Dublin Bus Employee Development and Equality Executive, was asked about pay.

Ms Kavanagh said:

“It starts at about €630 a week. And that’s a four-day week, inclusive of shift and Sunday premium so they’re working late shifts on Thursdays, over weekends. And then you move up onto a five-day week which is about €860.”

Further to this…

Listen back to the Morning Ireland item in full here