Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT (10.45)


To whom it concerns…

After last week’s abrupt cancellation, Broadsheet on the Telly returns at 10.45 tonight.

Join a panel of your peers and the occasional pet as they chew over the subjects of the week.

Tonight’s topics will include Kevin Myers, finding a room in Dublin, RTÉ pay, Direct Provision and OTHER matters.

All welcome.

Previously: Broadsheet on the Telly on broadsheet

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65 thoughts on “Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT (10.45)

  1. badatbeingcensored

    Top Tip for all the Ladies, Lurkers and Lovers of Live Chat…

    Live Chat begins long before BOTV starts.

    Top Tip for anyone else…
    Live Chat is great craic.

  2. badatbeingcensored

    @ de main Man, mi gud frend, MISTER Johnny K.

    I love you but you haven’t seen the Live Chat yourself.
    – don’t start thinking you could hold hold out in a competition.

    Live Chat would wipe the floor with you.

    1. badatbeingcensored

      Here, Bodger, I know you know already but I’m just trying to get more viewers.
      No charge.

        1. badatbeingcensored

          When he starts using big words, that’s when you KNOW he’s drunk.
          Trust me, I have to live with him.

          1. badatbeingcensored

            My best fights are with mself.
            Not only do I understand stuff, I always win… kind of…

          2. badatbeingcensored

            Paul Laver seems new.
            I bet he’s not just someone old using a new a new name.

            No, seriously…

  3. badatbeingcensored

    * I don’t know how to do asterisks.

    ** I forgot to change my avatar again.

    *** This is Broadsheet. Live Chat is different.

  4. badatbeingcensored

    Moderation DOES have benefits…
    If you can preempt what some idiot is going to say you can make them seem foolish.
    – Im the best at that, with a 3% hit ratio, but it’s not something you can brag about, except here.

    so anyway…

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Are YOU one of memes’ many personalities?

        There’s a theory going around that we are all one.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark


            Memes will also tell you that I’m a man. Make what you will of that.

          2. Sheik Yahbouti

            This disturbs your Sheik. The fragrant Millie, a burly chap?!? Say it ain’t so……:-(

  5. badatbeingcensored

    Be my Auntie, I will be your virus
    Safety Off, just like Cyrus
    Limericks are hard to make
    Make no mistake.
    I’m serious.

    – Ricky, grade 9

    ( I swear, if THIS get’s blocked, omitted, deleted bybthe deluded or if you think I might be drunk, drink again.)

    My HTLM is superb flops superbly flous superfluous,

    Makes you wonder, eh…

  6. badatbeingcensored

    You cannot legislate against wrongful encouragment.*
    Freedom to say ‘fupp this Poo’ is your fupping MANTA.
    Get a grip, BS.

    Please, let us say FUPP.
    My kids say FUPP when we meet…

  7. badatbeingcensored

    Eh, BS, YOUR DESIGNATED BROADCASTING TIME IS WRONGSorry, I mean YouTube is still saying that you start at 11:45…

    Don’t mind me.
    I know nothing about how you mess these things up.

  8. Onlymessing-ish...

    I don’t know how to get the best out of my devices.
    I can’t do what I suggested you ought to be doing.

    Have they figured out how to switch off Live Chat or am I drunk?
    It looks like it!

  9. Lilly

    Well that was a bit of crack… until my sound cut out. It’s like being in the pub but not being able to join in the chat.

      1. Lilly

        Will do. Hope you’re channelling Miriam O’Callaghan there Frilly and planning on making your telly debut soon.

  10. badatbeingcensored

    I’m going to watch it again, and cut out the bits without Johnny K in them, and add what’s left of
    it to my ‘album’ called ‘JKRamblings’.
    Then I might ‘something, something, something…’ in my Vanessa folder…

    I don’t know about JR though…
    I reckon he’d like it.

  11. badatbeingcensored

    I’m not saying Im ruling out a relationship with any other member of the panel, I’m just sayin’ that sayin’ ‘Ha ha’ is NOT the same as as having a laugh.
    Lighten up, follow JR’s lead.
    Smile. You’re beautiful.
    We love you.

    (You might get lucky…)

        1. badatsincerity

          You’re silly too. (Smiley face)
          …or whatever…

          Still friends♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡?

    1. badatsincerity

      Ill never tell anyone.
      Take me out of moderation, please.
      ill be good, or better.

      I know who you are now.
      I have the third piece of the jigsaw, and a fourth piece that doesn’t really fit…
      Stop messing.
      You know I know.

  12. badatsincerity

    I watched it twice.
    I can’t decide which one was best.
    You’ll have to watch it twice yourself and decide.

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