16 thoughts on “The Laughter Of Our Children

  1. Mr M

    @ Jake38, it is attitudes like yours that stops people moving forward. The North is a far better, prosperous place and we need to keep the peace and live in peace. Hopefully the Unionists and Natonalists will intergrate together in the future alot closer than now, but if everyone thought like you we would get nowhere.

    1. Joe Small

      I think you’re missing the point. We didn’t need Bobby Sands and his ilk blowing up people for 30 odd years to get a peace process. In reality, they prevented peace for decades. Obviously there were the other side too but the above photo is a homage to a bomber. Where are the homages to the brave men and women of the SDLP who stood up to extremists on both sides and suffered greatly for it?

      1. Cian

        Small steps. The murals are moving from celebrating death and violence to celebrating life and achievement.
        Note here, that the IRA is mentioned last, and there are no balaclavas or AK47s, which is better than most of the other murals…

    2. postmanpat

      Unionists and Natonalists need to come together to defeat the white walkers before they all get killed. All this pointless squabbling and murals dedicated to bobby paint with poop and the red hand of get the h outta here of your a catholic has to stop.

  2. Harry Molloy

    The black cabs mural tour in Belfast often given by ex IRA prisoners is fantastic and I’d recommend it to anyone.
    I’m sure it is peppered with bias but I found it really inspiring to see the efforts being made to lasting peace and how an area like the falls road which would have been hell on earth has become such a positive and progressive place. The shankhill on the other hand is much more worrying, full of bitterness at all they feel they have lost.
    Fascinating though, feels like a different world though only up the road

    1. Joe cool

      I did it 10 years ago. Utterly fascinating and enjoyable. Some of the stories they tell you are absolutely scary

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      I did this tour in 2008 and again in 2014 – vey good indeed.

      The murals are now there as protected works of art I believe, of a time gone by. Heroes are heroes to some. In this case, martyrs. It was the anniversary of the Miami Showband the other day – no mural for them, or maybe there is and I haven’t found it, hai. What I found friggin’ breathtaking on that tour was the Courthouse in its dilapidated state. That featured as stock footage on so many RTE news broadcasts in the eighties with the big orange stripe on the facade. They are turning it into a hotel it seems; http://news.sky.com/story/new-plan-to-turn-belfasts-crumlin-road-courthouse-into-25m-hotel-10802488

    3. Mr M

      Hi Harry,
      How could a fella get more information on these black cab tours especially by ex prisoners?
      Is it only the ex IRA ones that do them; or if ex UFF/UVF ones do them, would it be unwise for a Catholic to go on that one?
      I’m wondering if it is possible to do both to like get both sides of the story? As said in another comment the loyalist side is a bit bitter????

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