Meanwhile, Above Busáras


This morning.

At the headquarters of the Department of Social Protection in the Áras Mhic Dhiarmada building on Store Street, Dublin 1 – above Busáras.

Alan writes:

First time I’ve seen smoke come from this chimney. What are they burning?


15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Above Busáras

  1. Kolmo

    Vapour from an automated heating system, probably, as there was a autumnal nip last night..heatwave everywhere else on the continent though..

  2. Spud

    They’ve tunnelled secret pipes to all over the city from the new incinerator.
    Sneaky way to release all the smoke…

  3. scottser

    freedom of information requests generally provoke this sort of reaction in civil service departments.

  4. Mourning Ireland

    It’s #virtuesignalling They’ve elected another Joan Burton to pontificate to the the 96% of us who hate @Labour.

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