34 thoughts on “Selective Outrage

        1. missred

          “It takes an awful lot of money to look this cheap” said Dolly Parton. Though it probably doesn’t cost Iano much in monetary terms

        2. Bacchus

          Ian O Doherty looked like that as a teenager. There is no effort at all gone into this “look”. He’s a very gifted writer. Shame I disagree with almost everything he writes and says. Actually… it doesn’t matter if we agree or not. I like the bloke.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?


      1. :-Joe

        The underfunded tax loophole irish version of cracker only it’s actually a stinker.

        odoherty is strangley obbsessed with moral outrage by himself on the radio and accusing people of bigotry while claiming immunity and innocence of it at the same time.

        Fupping eejit like the other two, but that’s free speech for ya….


  1. bisted

    …it is axiomatic that Kevin Myers cannot be anti-semetic because he has been a consistent supporter of zionism and their annexation of Palestine…so runs one of the central zionist strategies repeated endlessly from Netanyahu down – to be anti-zionist is to be anti-semitic. The loudest supporters of this mantra seemed to be the Iona Institute…

    1. :-Joe

      Well said…

      It’s “Beyond Chutzpah” (by Finkelstein) the way the term has been hijacked and misused intentionally so much so, as to abuse the memory, meaning and history of the holocaust and repeatedly cause so many problems for ordinary jewish people all around the world.

      Especially those who support palestine and oppose zionism and dangerously, insane, religious fundamentalist maniacs like Benji NotCapableOfHavinAClue.


  2. :-Joe

    So what happened next.?..

    A hail of gunfire?…

    A large piano falls?…

    Green 80’s TV Sludge pouring from above?…

    I choose slapstick comedy sillyness, but what will you decide?…


  3. postmanpat

    I tried to read the linked article by Breda O’Brien but it I got a headache trying to figure out where it was going. Like most angry Catholic opinion piece rants, it reads like a stream of consciousness with no real beginning, middle or end (or point). Its not even entertaining on any level. Ill stick to the free catholic newspapers that litter my porch. At least those articles are a bit of a laugh while having a number two and you can wipe your bum with the paper afterward.

  4. :-Joe

    @ David Quinn / a.k.a god boy.

    I wish you’d been in touch earlier, anytime during yesterday.. because even with ten minutes short notice I could have gladly arranged something for you all together to help you on your collective merry way.

    Only problem is….

    I’m a PRO- MaybeJustMaybeReligulousSexist MysoginsticBigotryNeedsToBeAbortedFromOurCulture.

    Will you still be able to tell me your stories about how much you love god and how loving god means you also really love women and other people but only one god.


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