Gone In 17 Seconds


360 Cycles Clontarf, in Clontarf, Dublin write:

How quick can a bike be robbed? Less than 17 seconds based on this video. One of our senior mechanics was very lucky to get away with about €200 worth of damage rather than losing his carbon racing bike. This happened in Clontarf over the weekend and we would like to urge all bike owners to lock their bikes at all times even if you are just leaving it for under a minute.

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Thanks Brian

52 thoughts on “Gone In 17 Seconds

    1. Andy

      Fair play to him.

      It’s a crying shame that he has to defend his property like this though.

      I bet the Garda will do nothing about it and the scumbags will continue on their way robbing others.

      1. Bitter Experience

        They’d arrest the cyclist and charge him with assault. How would they know that the bike was stolen? They could have just been minding it for him.

  1. Sam

    Not for a second. Very lucky to rescue it.
    Lock it, or at least switch it into top gear, so the thief won’t be able to tear off at speed.

    I had someone try to nick mine while I was standing next to it unlocking the office. The little scut was too short to reach the pedals so didn’t get very far before being yoinked off it backwards.

      1. Paps

        Its smart until the sudden force causes the chain to slip, or the derailleur to go into the spokes. Much safer just to lock the thing.

  2. Bort

    Great tackle, fair play. He should’ve given yer man a good kick in the arse!

    I’m not one to victim blame but if you’re bike cost upwards of a grand treat it as you would an expensive laptop.
    Would you pop your Macbook Pro down on the ground while you nipped in to the shop or lock it anywhere outside?

    Saying that, my bike cost 100 quid and some b@stards tried to rob it, they couldn’t get the second lock off so they buckled the tyre for good measure. C*nts.

    The couriers, spray paint and scuff up their expensive frames so they’re not such obvious targets.

  3. Spud

    Total opportunistic scum.
    I’ve often seen a few lads like that just cycling around the clontarf area… we caught them cycling / pushing stolen bikes that weren’t locked from the front / side of houses.
    Keep doors locked / closed etc… as these are the type of scum who will take whatever they can get.
    Fair play to your man for the body slam!

  4. Steve

    We should be helping these youths. Society has left them behind. They don’t have further educational opportunities , the school system is broke and the social welfare system isn’t there to support them. They have nothing to look forward to, so they turn away from society, distain it and see an easy life in small crime which eventually leads to big crime. We should be caring for them because it’s all our fault the way they ended up.


    1. Gers

      nope. There is always a choice. And so many pick this one, the one of laziness, partying and illegal activities. They could also not do this and earn a living in some way, there’s always a way.

    2. Bill

      This happened in Clontarf so more than likely they are from East Wall or Ballybough. Both of those areas have so many things for youths to do and all free of charge. There’s multiple 5 a side football pitches, basketball courts, youth centres, community centres, which include gyms and more football and sports areas all free of charge. Go up the road to Clontarf or Marino etc.. and the youths there have nothing for free but do not cause as much trouble as the ones handed everything at zero cost.

  5. Owen

    I saw a man catch the guy stealing his bike at Peasre Station a few years back. He ran after him and caught him, but then froze and just started at him. Both parties shat themselves. I’d say he regrets not lamping him one.

    This was great watching.

  6. Janet, I ate my avatar

    caught a guy who stole my mobile once
    then realised once I had him there was nothing I could do
    he knew it is knew it
    I’ll never forget the smirk on his face
    pissed me off long after you don’t care about the phone

    1. anne

      Where did you have him? You have your voice if nothing else.. I’d be screaming like a banshee to give me back my phone till they were pleading for me to stop. Passers by could be comforting the c***

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        Barcelona, by time I caught him realised down small lane,
        thought the smart thing to do was walk away

  7. Anomanomanom

    I would say give the video to the garda but when it comes to bike crime they are 10times more useless than normal.

  8. anne

    Lowlife scum.. are these types just unemployable? How are you raised to end up such a lowlife thieving scumbag?

  9. Jimmey Russell

    ugh we’re so quick to rush to judgement but do any of you know their socio-economic background? these youths are obviously from deprived areas and who’s only way to lash out against society is with unfortunate incidents like these, they are no doubt good boys at heart we need more money for programs to engage these youths instead of vilifying them

    1. Lord Snowflakee

      Agreed Jimmey

      You’d swear the Holy Joes up above have never done anything wrong in their lives they way they’re going on.

      Always the Irish way to vilify those who are less fortunate, indulge in name-calling and class-shaming.

      Tuppence ha’penny looking down on halfpence

      1. anne

        They’re thieving little scumbags.. we all grew up on bread & jam sandwiches in my day, & you didnt see anyone stealing.

        They’re criminals, plain & simple. There’s no excuses for it. Lots of disadvantaged people don’t go around taking what’s not theirs.

        1. Lord Snowflakee

          As I said, you’re a fine one to talk.

          Every other word out of your mouth is ‘baldy’ this or ‘get out of Dublin’ that.

          Pontificating on here all day about law and order.

          Shouldn’t you be in Fine Gael?

        2. Harry Molloy

          the same applies for illegal dumping in Dublin’s north inner city anne?

          or people who decide to stop paying their mortgage because they know it will take an age for repossession to occur it occurs at all? this of course is a direct contrast to those who pay what they can

          1. Luke Warm

            Who needs context or specifics when we have judgemental tools on the internet denigrating an entire social class based on 2 seconds of video?

  10. Gers

    This needs a wider angle and Benny Hill theme tune. You snooze you lose, he was lucky to get the bike back.

  11. gav

    I was very disappointed and frustrated looking at this video. He didn’t beat enough pulp out of the scumbag. Got away too lightly. And I’ve had enough of do-gooders protecting them saying these scum come from disadvantaged areas and other bloody excuses.

    1. anne

      ah but he needed that bike.
      they only had the 2 bikes already..& he was probably never breastfed. they were disadvantaged from the get go.

      and baldy noonan something or other too.

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