The Crying Shed


How much?


Pat Garvey, of P.J. Garvey Auctioneers, is delighted to bring to the letting market, this fine one-bedroom apartment. This property is ideally located in the heart of Drimnagh with every amenity on your door step. With public transport, schools, array of supermarkets, James’s Hospital and Crumlin Hospital close by…

(Apartment to rent: Galtymore Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12, D12 YV27,

Thanks Ruairi Creaney

59 thoughts on “The Crying Shed

  1. Nullzero

    Perhaps it’s time to implement a real housing strategy when you’re looking at portakabins being rented out as apartments for €1300 a month. At least Leo is clamping down on welfare fraud, take that the working classes, your Irish Tory overlords have your best interests at heart

  2. Tony

    I was thinking the same. Looks like the kind of place lorries would be reversing into from about 6.30am

  3. mildred st. meadowlark

    Why does it look like a piece of a tv set?

    It’s very flat looking. Are there any rooms in it at all? Is it even a real portacabin?

    1. Alan

      Thinking the same, surely they don’t have planning permission to have a portacabin as living accommodation in a yard of some kind ….

  4. Andrew

    Maybe people could start emailing/tweeting these examples of utter abuse to and failure to Eoghan Murphy @MurphyEoghan and Leo Varadkar @campaignforleo ?
    They love Twitter these pair.
    One of the solutions to the housing crisis is repeatedly being ignored.
    Punitive taxation on vacant sites and buildings.

  5. Barry the Hatchet

    I know they didn’t create the housing crisis, etc. But estate agents really are the absolute worst. “Fine one-bedroom apartment”? Fupp off.

    1. greylines

      It’s shoved into the site after the building in the middle was turned into 3 apartments. It’s up against the wall on the left beside the dogleg.

  6. Rhianna Dwyer

    The two nearby hospitals are this propertie’s real selling point. For when you mentally breakdown and attempt suicide from living in this grim hell-hole. Help is nearby.

  7. Lord Snowflakee

    Typical middle class pearl clutching going on here

    Whine about homeless problem one minute see a realistic solution the next and keep whining

    Literally billions of people the world over would be delighted to live in a hellhole like this in a major capital

      1. Lord Snowflakee

        I’m sure we both feel a little sick in our mouths right now, Cian.

        Let’s not talk about it.

  8. Cillbot

    I honestly don’t have a problem with this – if it houses someone and they are willing to pay for it it is absolutely fine in a capitalist country like ireland. The situation is that the government is keeping property off the market via nama to increase property prices as well as rent and all this does is highlight this. If there were more solutions like this available maybe we might see a drop in rents etc as people become less reliant on traditional housing. Hard to see FG allowing this though – their raison d’etre is to protect institutions from creative capitalism

  9. gerry

    what is this patch of tarmac supposed to be? Is it a Storeage yard? Carpark? Why else would you put down tarmac like that?

    1. Harry Molloy

      tarmac is really expensive. probably about ten grands worth there. plenty of room for raised beds for growing food. and a clutch of hens.

      1. Lord Snowflakee

        Pathetic AND deeply ignorant and insensitive. An immigrant family or someone out of direct provision would be ecstatic at being offered this foot on the ladder. Boring, privileged comment from a dilettante.

          1. Lord Snowflakee

            It’s all relative isn’t it news?

            Are you speaking from a position of wealth, power and privilege? Seems so.

        1. Andrew

          €1300 portakabins renting as accommodation; is a result of a distortion of the market. Your government is complicit in this distortion.
          Are you comfortable with your government facilitating and enriching one section of society over another?

          1. Lord Snowflakee

            Not going to get dragged into this nonsense.

            The government doesn’t build houses and has no place doing this.

            When it interfered before to increase the supply of housing it resulted in the worst financial crisis we have ever had. I’m much more comfortable with people living where they can afford, for one thing rural Ireland is being depopulated and could do with few thousand people living in portacabins or whatever they can afford.

            If you want to live in an isolated bungalow then work harder, or better still go see your shrink.

  10. Alan

    If this is turns out to be legal then it should be illegal. A morally bankrupt person is putting this up and the estate agent. 1300 euro for this…… my jaw dropped when I saw this.

      1. Lord Snowflakee

        Strictly speaking no it doesn’t – if it’s exempt from planning which most portacabins would be as they are deemed temporary structures.

        1. scottser

          renting out a portacabin as a dwelling is not planning exempt. it’s very clear. if you are going to use a building as a dwelling you need planning permission. if you are going to rent out a dwelling for accommodation purposes you need planning permission.

          1. Shayna

            Great – ta for that, I kinda thought that was the case. Fair enough to let friends live there. But to advertise on – the owners and should be prosecuted (some chance).

  11. Shayna

    Without stating the obvious, which I’m going to to ahead and do, despite myself, there would be a lot of crying involved if one chose to live here. I’m thinking of the added complications of mail delivery, services, there surely is not a separate address, it’s on someone’s yard, clearly. It, as other commenters mentioned could not be entirely legal. Although I’ve seen ‘One Bed’ garden sheds on AirBnB in Brighton being offered @ £80 per night?

    1. Lord Snowflakee

      At least you wouldn’t have to leave your home every July for the rest of your life as it appears you had to do.

      1. Shayna

        I see what you’re saying, but living in a shed wouldn’t be overly ideal persé. There may be additional stored items such as lawn-mowers, strimmers, two-stroke petrol and what-not, which may intrude on day-to-day living activities.

        1. Lord Snowflakee

          ha did you not see that tarmac garden? I don’t think you’ll need extra space for lawnmowers ;)

        2. Rob_G

          People who live in flats, be they portacabins, penthouses, or anything in between, tend not to own lawnmowers.

          1. Shayna

            The whole premise is a joke, such as mine, when living in a shed? I’ve spent a night in a shed whilst walking inebriatedly through country roads ?@ 4am I woke in a garden shed near Moy, Co. Tyrone. I still had 5 miles of a walk to get home. Admittedly, it was a long time ago. (There were 2 lawnmowers and a distinct spell of petrol) – I may have had a petrol high?

  12. Shayna

    I squatted in London, post-Uni, who didn’t do that in the late 80s/early 90s?. I investigated buying a boat – I went with my house-mate on a barge to Camden Lock, joined the boat- stoned party to see what it would it be like. Terrible, comes to mind. Damp and a tad swirly.

  13. Frilly Keane

    that Auctioneer should be ashamed to present that as residential accommodation

    it even looks like a commercial yard ffs

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