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Good times.

Hollybrook Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3 (Daft)

Nottingham Street, North Strand, Dublin 3 (Daft)


Anomanomanom writes:

I know rents are crazy and we have plenty of posts about it but €550 a week for Dublin 8. And it’s a minimum 6 month lease so its not even an AirBnB style rental.

How can someone even think they’ll get €2100 for a one bed?


The Maltings, Dublin 8 (Daft)


Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz::

Harold’s Cross Cottages top space on a bunk bed for €350pm. The top bunk is uncomfortably close to the ceiling. Article 6 Housing Regs for Private Rented Accom: all rooms must contain fixed heating appliance not a portable heater…

Apartment Share, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6 (Daft)



Dublin Rental Investigator writes:

Property Vision offers a Stoneybatter Studio for €950pm. ‘Fully furnished to high standard’ means chairs hung on the wall. Photos evidence multiple breaches Article 7 Housing Regs 2017 (Hob/Oven/Grill/Drainage/Storage)….

Manor Street, Studio Apartment (Daft)



Tom writes:

Those fold away kids (crying) chairs…

The TV…

No access to the garden…

I think this used to be a crèche…


Huxley Crescent, Dublin 8 (MyHome)



Won’t someone think of the renters children?

Studio flat in Inchicore, Dublin 8, on Daft.

For €160 a week.

DD writes:

“All mod cons including crying barstool…”

Inchicore Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8 (Daft.ie)

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Andor writes:

It’s now €800 a month to live in an attic Mon-Thurs with no overnight visitors.. but you have a sauna.

Negotiating that place with drink on would be difficult.

Ham Street, Dublin 8 (Daft)