Irish App Of The Day: ‘Can You Stump The Trump?’


Can You Stump The Trump?

A new, FREE, satirical quiz app From Rathmines-based Banshee Apps.

Peader Ruane at Banshee writes:

In these uncertain times, sometimes one just needs to take a step back and laugh.

In the spirit of this Banshee Apps is proud to release the fun, satirical app, ‘Can You Stump the Trump?’

This light hearted quiz about the 45th president of the USA is guaranteed to make you laugh bigly! It is available for free and is available on both the Google Playstore, and the Apple App Store….

iTunes here

Android here

Can You Stump The Trump? (Facebook)

6 thoughts on “Irish App Of The Day: ‘Can You Stump The Trump?’

  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    That Trump lad…
    He’s so funny…

    Kim Jong Un is just trying to wreck Donald’s well-earned holiday. It’s so obvious.
    Yous are all eejits.

    Make America Girate Again…on my middle finger.

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