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Did you stay up?

A big, enveloping thank you to, clockwise from top left: Neil Curran & George, Olga Cronin, Vanessa Foran, Kieran Butler & Johnny Keenan and Preposterous, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

You can watch the show in its entirety above.

Johnny and his pal Kieran, an Australian comedian, joined us live from Edinburgh where Kieran is performing his acclaimed show ‘Australia is Fucked‘ at the city’s festival this month.

Neil’s rescue dog George also joined us fresh if bewildered from his recent vasectomy.

And accountant Vanessa shared her shock at the parlous state of ‘middle income workers’.

Some swearing

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9 thoughts on “Last Night On The Telly

      1. Johnny Keenan

        I didn’t Bisted. I just said it for the sake of saying. Free world free speech. I don’t get how people are offended by some swear words when they completely ignore the context.
        Has anyone anything to say ( good bad or indifferent) about Kieran Butler and the premise of his show ‘Australia Is Fucked’. That for me was the main talking point of last nights broadcast.
        I await the first scribe to go off on tangent and this post will turn into something other than what was meant to be discussed. My ego is not getting carried away btw. I just like to see specific threads being discussed rather than straw clutching.

        1. Eddard Snowflakee King of the Snort

          Johnny trying to set the media agenda again I see.

          Shouldn’t you be on RTE Johnny?

          Oh wait I forgot you don’t want to tell them where you live because reasons.

          One of which I’m guessing is that you haven’t paid your TV license?

          Face it – not one person is interested in your mate or his dumb show. Try

        2. Frilly Keane

          well I’m dissappointed you would think your butty Kieran and his show was the main talking point of last nights show JPM

          because now you don’t get to crib curse and call out about the Gardai anymore
          or the tax regime for the likes of me versus the likes of the Early Risers in the Uber Earning bracket

          how funny is that now

  1. Johnny Keenan

    Cmon lads!
    Seriously can I not have an opinion without being accused of having an agenda or rising above my station.

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