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    1. Eddard Snowflakee King of the Snort

      It’s interesting what the family are saying about the witholding of vital evidence …

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    “In a battle for their lives” in which he was battered to death and neither of them were harmed…

  2. well

    wtf is that first donation about?

    “I doubled my donation in honor of David Quinn.”

    Maybe they mean a different David?

  3. dan

    I hadn’t realised that so many of broadsheet readers had attended the trial, or are you all depending on the Indo for your opinions?
    Corbett’s children loved this woman, she is the only mother they knew in reality. He obviously loved her at some stage as well. It’s sad how something so good can end up so bad, and it’s sad how often it happens.
    I don;t think that Molly Martens is a monster, mental illness is so complicated.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          You brought up mental illness, but have no justification or explanation, you may as well have said Vampires are complicated.

      1. Dan

        Daisy, can I suggest you revert to the Indo articles for the answer you seek.
        I’m sure the Corbett family are enjoying the pics of the martens family covered in their loved ones blood.
        I’m looking forward to the Indo’s next article on the Kinihans describing them in the same tone used to describe Molly Marten. I’m not.
        Spineless sensationalist journalism at its finest, bankrolled to the tune of €100 million by the Irish taxpayer.

        1. Luke Warm

          On the contrary I don’t profess to speculate in matters I know next to nothing about. You should try it.

        2. Maryforde

          I couldn’t help noticing how Mollys delicate wrist chain survived undamaged if she was involved in fight for her life!!

      1. well

        The jury too, such a bunch of knowitalls that jury that convicted them based on the evidence are…

        1. Luke Warm

          You spoke to all the jury members and interviewed them? I believe the conviction of Molly is a media driven witch hunt and may be overturned on appeal

          1. Luke Warm

            True it’s strong evidence but circumstantial. A good lawyer will get her off on appeal or reduce the sentence so long as her Dad takes the hit for her and admits he was the main perpetrator

          2. Robyn

            Are you seriously not well ?? They beat the flesh off his scull while he was sleeping.. MURDERS they should have been hung

    1. Zoella

      I agree. Who was the Cormac eejit filing in for Sean O’Rourke the day after the conviction? ‘I speak for all the people of Ireland when I say… blah blah’. Speak for yourself Cormac, the rest of us don’t always see things in black and white.

      1. Dan

        The number of heads wounds wasn’t detemined, but hey don’t let that stop you….. Or did you do the post mortem?

    2. Topsy

      This woman is a coldblooded murderer, a fantasist and a complete looper. She was ably assisted by her doting father. Hopefully she will spend the next 20 years behind bars.
      Also, strange how the mother slept through it all.

          1. Zoella

            No one said her mother was on trial. Read what has been written and stop trying to direct traffic like a tedious little tyrant. If you don’t like the conversational flow, take yourself to another thread and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

          2. Lilly

            + 1 Zoella, well said. Luke Warm is all over any post on this case like a bad rash, trying to stifle all opinions other than his own, with his pseudo-psychological bullpoo. Triggered indeed.

          3. Lilly

            Ah is the truth hurtin’ poor Lukey Pookey. Or triggering him as he might say himself, psyche expert that he so clearly is. Goodbye already.

    3. K Porter

      Why wasn’t her illness dealt with. This murder was all premeditated & her stupid father went & helped her. They turned a blind eye to her bipolar illness down through the years as they wanted to keep it within the family. She had everything she wanted but wasn’t satisfied & wanted more so now she’s got nothing. They’re now resorted to begging to cover her ass again. They did the crime so SERVE THE TIME. Mr BIGSHOT FBI isn’t above the law as h thought he was.

  4. Dan

    To answer your question daisy:
    In the US guilty but insane verticts results in the accused being incarcerated in the loony bin. So, the punishment is probably worse than a straight guilty verdict.

    I have another question you might be able to answer as speculation is now the new truth:
    Why would a man marry a woman who loved his kids, refuse to let her adopt them and then decide to take them away from her?
    What would this do to a woman’s state of mind?

    I’m not passing judgement on anyone here, just giving my €0.02 worth.
    The jury have spoken and I respect their decision.

      1. Dan

        No connection
        Just p*saved off with the two faced attitude of Irish people.
        A woman stabs her 3 year old boy to death in Dublin and the media don’t even publish her name
        Irish woman kills her 5 month old son in N, again no name no publicity.

        1. dav

          Hi Dan, the 2 examples you have cited are of women killing children presumably their own) the case above refers to a woman and man killing a grown man – lying in bed, with a baseball bat and a bedside brick (possibly an American custom). I can see the differences in why the reporting would be different – can you?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      You’re angry for some reason that I don’t particularly care about. You raised mental illness, I asked why it wasn’t used as a defence and you went on a couple of disjointed rants.

      Get some fresh air, man. You’ll feel better for it!

    2. scottser

      You’re doing nothing but pass judgement on everyone who disagrees with you. It’s not a fupping conspiracy – she and her father are guilty

      1. Dan

        Your posts prove my point about the 2 faced Irish mentality.
        Enjoy your weekend, try not to be too judgemental. It’s not a nice trait.

        1. Vote Rep #1

          You seem unable to differentiate between the Irish and Us judicial systems and have decided that you seem to know more than the judge, jury, defence team and prosecution who did sit through every day of the trial.

          She planned and executed a murder and, it would seem, roped her da into it as well. If she had the wherewithal to do that, then she is more than capable of standing trial. But she loved the kids so its all right people.

        2. Papi

          Can I also just mention that this is the “comments” section, where people “comment”. It’s primarily used for “commenting” on , oh, things.

    3. Zoella

      I agree with you on this Dan. It’s no justification but it sheds some light on how things spiralled so horribly.

    4. anne

      It shouldn’t be nor isn’t a matter of course legally for partners to adopt children of their spouses and it turned out he had good reason to not allow her to adopt them.

      His will stated he wanted his kids to be reared by his sister in the event of his death..which he wouldn’t have foresaw or he would have snook away, but he didn’t want his kids left with her whatever the circumstances of his death & he had good reason it would turn out.

      1. Luke Warm

        I saw you saying last night you had a few mutual acquaintances Anne and maybe you should preface
        your comments with that – I mean seeing as you know some other Limerick people then automatically what you have to say in this must carry a LOT of weight right?

        1. Zoella

          ‘I saw you saying last night’… ‘preface your comments with that’

          Hunker down Anne. This guy has nominated himself Broadsheet Police. Nee naw, nee naw…

    5. GiggidyGoo

      Maybe he realised what he’d married after a year and made the (correct) decision to keep his children safe frombeing legally part of a family that he realised contained couple of nutcases

    6. K Porter

      I ll tell u why he wants to take the children away from her. She has been seen being nasty to those kids & slapping them for minor things eg the boy not calling her Mom. pulling them out of bed at 3am for something they forgot to do during the day. She’s not his Mom & never will be. Jason saw what was happening so he was no idiot & thank God for that. She’s a lunatic full stop & is a danger to society & will kill again.

      1. anne

        I suppose as she was telling people over there all about the pregnancies & giving birth, either of the kids not calling her mom would be a tad embarrassing.

        Who the fupp forces a kid to call you mom anyway? If the child was old enough to remember his birth mother, she should have respected what he was comfortable with.

        1. Luke Warm

          Thanks Zoella. I’m glad you see the funny side of any of this. Maybe Jason’s kids will read this and thank you for taking the positives.

        1. Luke Warm

          It’s only to be expected I guess that a clever clogs when reading of the case of a tragic death would try and make merry from it. Particularly when the person involved has mental health issues it’s always a good idea to make some ” screw loose” quip. Some of you need to take a look at yourselves

          1. scottser

            You do not know the difference between a tragedy and a murder. You are a pathetic troll, a true coprophrasiac

          2. Luke Warm

            It was both I believe. Thanks for the new insult though I will have to look that one up. Anger is an energy and all that.

      1. Luke Warm

        Nothing screams “I’m high class” more than making some hilarious quip about a woman’s personal appearance

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Couldn’t even look straight into the camera. Reading a list of other people’s phrases.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            I’m not that regular on here. One user name. But you’ve just confirmed to me that you need some help.

    1. Luke Warm

      Yeah making fun out of a tragic murder that’s left kids with no father and their de jure mother in jail is top notch

  5. Turgenev

    She was prescribed a powerful sleeping medicine a few days before. Traces were in her murdered husband’s system.

    Oddly, his children slept through his murder – was his head smashed in in total silence?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        His children. She had no part in their creation. She has no legal claim to be their mother. She is a murderer.

        1. Luke Warm

          You’re an excellent example of what Dan was talking about. A dumb paddy hater who thinks that biology alone is what defines parental rights. Tell that to all the gay and lesbian people who frequent the website here and see how you fare. Or all the countless thousands who suffered in Magdalen laundries or are fostered or adopted for other reasons. We don’t have to peel back very far to see ugly paddy and his vile pathetically backward obsessions with the nuclear family

          1. GiggidyGoo

            So you can’t argue with my point then? Is that it?
            Want it spelled out in large letters? SHE IS A MURDERER. SHE IS NOT THE CHILDRENS MOTHER.
            Oh, in case you still didn’t get it – SHE IS A MURDERED

          2. Luke Warm

            Oh I get that point. That’s not the one I was discussing. But I feel I’m wasting my time

  6. Catherinecostelloe

    Imagine if bunny boiler Molly had gained custody of Jack and Sarah.
    Exposed to Tom Marten’s toxic comments ” Your father was an a***h***”….” Your Irish grandfather was uneducated” ” ‘Your father was responsible for your mother’s death”.
    One can be highly educated but be as ignorant as a grunting pig Tom. Jack and Sarah will recoil from you talking about their loving dad like that.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Yep, he copped on to what HIS children were getting embroiled in. An American family of Nutters. And was getting them as far away, safely, as possible. That’s what real family does.

          2. Luke Warm

            Maybe he shouldn’t have married her in the first place. Who knows? However at a vulnerable time in his life she was undoubtedly a great comfort to him AND his family. In that context anything that happened afterwards has to be seen as a great loss to the kids in particular. You haven’t a Bulls notion what he was thinking or her either for that matter however. Don’t let that stop your oul granny gossiping informed by tabloidisation however.

          3. Lilly

            Luke Warm, the ageist-sexist tool – though presumably if the grannies in question had mental health issues, he would be more respectful – strikes again.

          4. Lilly

            Apology accepted Grandad. Will make allowances for your senior moments and repetitive musings. Must be past your bedtime.

  7. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    The woman is entitled to an appeal and to raised money to fight it. Tough you lot and the Irish media don’t like it.

    Why not set up a crowdfunded campaign to build a statute in memory of Jason Corbett if you’re that fond of him? Or get Munster Rugby to hold a minute’s silence at the next game.

    Get over it. Miriam will be on tonight. Sure that’ll keep you happy as you watch for mammy waving to you from the audience…

  8. Lilly

    Odd the way people seem to be so divided on this depending on whether they are Irish or American. Reading the comments on a piece in the Winston Salem Journal http://www.journalnow.com – they think the jury got it wrong, that Jason Corbett was an abusive husband who caused his wife to flip.

    The Irish commenters for the most part take the view that she was an abusive wife who killed him because he was about to leave. The evidence would seem to support the latter but the Americans are having none of it.

      1. Lilly

        One username but you I’m guessing are Kenny U-Vox, Lord Snowflakee (& other snowflake derivates) and who knows how many more. Thanks for the heads up. As Giggidy said, you need help.

        1. Luke Warm

          Only one username.

          You can abuse me all you want – you’re the one idly speculating like an old fishwife about two children’s parents and their tragic death and incarceration

          1. Luke Warm

            You’re speculating now about user this and that.
            Wtf has that got to do with the subject we are discussing?

        2. Eddard Snowflakee King of the Snort

          LOL @ Lilly

          What did I do to be put into your wee wee bucket? Amused at being mistaken for THIS guy though

    1. anne

      hmmm I wonder how many supporters she really has there..their lawyers wanted the trial moved out of the county because they felt she wouldn’t get a fair trial. Jason was very well liked in his workplace too..I think they made a plaque for him after his death.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if her relatives are active in supporting her online on the likes of those articles locally..

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Not many if the crowdfunding page is anything to go by. $300,000 is the target. $14,000 raised so far, with at least one donation of $1999 coming from a family member, and other large donations as “‘anonymous”. (If I was to financially support a family member, I’d hand them the money rather than a website getting a cut.) you’d sell more than that in tickets for a car draw here.

      2. Lilly

        I’ve been thinking about her abusive husband allegation, and one detail stands out – it was reported that on a night out with friends, she made derogatory comments about her husband’s weight in his presence. This is not the behaviour of an abused wife walking on eggshells around her abuser, as in the typical scenario. OTOH putting a partner down in company is abusive behaviour. I haven’t seen the TV interview but based on that alone, I don’t believe her.

          1. Lilly

            Now now Pookey, bitterness is not a good look. You could always write to her in the clink. Or to Graham Dwyer if you want to keep it country.

          2. Luke Warm

            Graham Dwyer is a friend of mine though we haven’t been in touch recently.

            What’s your point Lilly? Can’t you be quiet?

          3. Luke Warm

            No anne. I just happen to have met him a few times through mutual acquaintances. It was Lilly who brought him up actually, if you detect any obsession with murderers, you need to ask her why she has it.

          4. Luke Warm

            Great detective work there Lilly on a par with your searing insights into the minds of the accused and her husband. I.e utterly wrongheaded, incorrect and mindlessly speculative.

          5. Zoella

            LOL! Just call me Peter Pan.

            ‘Graham Dwyer is a friend of mine… have met him a few times through mutual acquaintances’.

            An acquaintance so, hardly a friend.

        1. anne

          I don’t think he was abusive either.. the fact that they were trying to implicate him in the death of his first wife says to me that they’re liars.

          Tom Martens tried to have it admitted as evidence that Jason’s first father in law said to him at the wedding of Jason & Molly Martens in the U.S. that he blamed Jason for her death. The mother had to make a statement that it was a complete fabrication as they didn’t attend the wedding in the U.S. Why would anyone attend a wedding anyway if they felt you were responsible for your daughter’s death.

          These people are liars and cretins of the lowest order.

          1. Luke Warm

            Let me guess – you’re a white supremacist, anti abortion, hate gay marriage …

            You guys are all the same

          2. Luke Warm

            PS I’m am early riser. No doubt you hate that too. Roll over you’ve another hour before the social welfare office opens.

      3. Kenny U-Vox Plank

        The Corbett clan sound like a class ac, and none too bright with it: Whinging about donators endorsing murder while calling for state murder themselves.

        Appeal fund for Martens amounts to ‘condoning murder’


        “I personally feel they should have being charged with capital one [first-degree murder] and should have got the death penalty. They continue to show no remorse. I wish them eternal pain and suffering in prison,” John Corbett – one of five brothers of the deceased from Janesboro in Limerick city – told the Limerick Leader.

        1. anne

          They’ve been very dignified through out..unlike the Martens. If they did to your brother or son what they did to Jason Corbett you’d probably want them to be put to death too.

  9. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    We’re done with the mawkish Jason Corbett stuff. Last week’s local news.

    Everyone now over to the Rose of Tralee and the Berkeley Balcony Tragedy angle for the next week:

    San Francisco Rose win helps ease the pain of family after Berkeley tragedy

    San Francisco Rose Amanda Donohoe tells Catherine Shanahan that being part of the Rose of Tralee festival has a very special meaning for her and her family.


    Such poo.

    Miriam is two weeks. Check Paddy Power.

  10. anne


    From Justice For Jason page –

    Following up on the Martens Fundraising page, where they are looking to raise $300,000 to aid two convicted murderers pay legal fees. Please note they SOLD their Beach home in Folly Beach in May for $760,000. That’s only a couple of weeks ago. Shame on Mona & Mike Earnest. Trying to dupe the public out of their money. No one could really believe a word out of their mouths. We will continue to speak up for the victims. The victims of this family’s crime.

    That’s just a holiday home afaik..

  11. anne


    I have been horrified at the amount of airtime & press the Martens family have been given both sides of the Atlantic. But nothing floored me more then their extended family’s Fund raising page looking to raise $300,000, where they state
    “The legal expenses have GUTTED the family financially. The next step is to file an appeal and fight the wrongful death suit. We DESPERATELY need your help.”
    Firstly to lodge an appeal costs $20,000 not $300,000. Why are the Martens asking the public to fund them?

    They are desperate alright, to hold onto their vast assets such as 12500 Comblain Road their Luxury home complete with Swimming Pool, plots of Land, Apartments, Beach House at Folly Beach worth €930,000 complete with Speedboat, Luxury cars & whatever else we don’t know of. They do not understand the word GUTTED. Jack & Sarah Corbett are gutted. Their Step family murdered their father, they have been convicted under a court of law but continue to try murder his good name. In my opinion they have abused the childrens rights by putting images on 20/20, not removing their images on their Facebook pages. No respect for the dead or living. Anyone with a shred of decency or integrity should not support this fund. Give to someone deserving. Victim bashing is NEVER ok.

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