12 thoughts on “Mercs Outside

  1. edalicious

    “We’re back”? I’m sure those people were well able to afford their mercs and porsches during the recession, no bother!

  2. Spud

    Flash cars?
    pppfffttt. Sure they’re two a penny around these parts anyway.
    Helicopters was where it was at.
    Saw a private one take off from Leopardstown, probably going to the Galways Races last week.
    Now that’s the real sign that we’re back baby!

  3. Brother Barnabas

    What manner of male member would you need to be to video cars in a car park and post it online? Just asking.

  4. Shayna

    I went to The RDS Horse show every year, since I was a kid. (Long time ago) I never took photos of horses, “Boomerang”, Eddie Mackin’s horse, a legend. I don’t think mercs pics is relevant, people, ordinary types ride horses, myself included.

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