30 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

    1. Ezplus

      Blur + Gardai = Porklife. Geddit????

      Totes hilares.

      Haven’t laughed this much since I first heard that joke around 14 years ago.

    2. Lush

      I was of course referring to Bubonic.
      The second track kinda made up for it though.
      Thanks Memes.

  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    your liver in What is it
    ”I sent £70 instead of 70p to a phar
    aceutical Co. the lorry arrived the
    next day. ”Mrs. S of Surrey” the
    wiss gnomes dealing out potions
    ternative is ed. tisher much
    preferable. Look dull manage esp/ sm

    Moderate that.

    1. Sam

      Don’t rely on these rags for health news. While moderate alcohol consumption lowers some risks, it increases others. e.g. drinking one a day disrupts folic acid, and can has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer in women,.
      The things alcohol does help with ((e.g. lower risk of heart attack) can be done by other means like lowering cholesterol intake.

    2. Frilly Keane

      And the coffee Shayna
      That got the all clear too

      Anyday now it’ll be Benson’s

      And it’ll have to be murder that’ll do us in

  2. Topsy

    During the Tiger years wine became the new coffee for middle aged, middle Ireland women. Let’s meet & have a coffee became let’s have a chat over bottle of wine. This lead to increased levels of wine drinking amongst middle aged, middle class women in particular. Inevitably & unfortunately the level alcoholism in this cohort has increased dramatically. So much for the health benefits of wine drinking

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        not sure catching up was such a good idea in a country where abuse of alcohol is very accepted in society

      1. Game of Drones

        I’m sure you’re being sarcastic. But I read an interview with the Sydney rose from last year and she sounded alright. She was the one who spoke about the repeal the 8th on stage which was pretty cool.

          1. Game of Drones

            careful, we’ll have clampersin in no time hijacking the thread but I think that this Rose thing has nothing to do with beauty, it’s a total racket from start to finish.

            This year for example, rather than pick say an Ulster Rose, they put forward a lovely girl from each county and in order to stay involved through to the latter stages, she has to raise €30,000 for ‘charity’ so you have the spectacle of all these girlie Theresas going around with the begging bowl around their local communities to get them to the frock-wearing and photography stage (Which they’re at this week).
            What a bunch of saps. If someone came into me looking for a job saying I was in one of these things I wouldn’t even show them the door, I’d put my boot right through their ass through the window.

          2. RiderOnTheStorm

            last year’s winner said she hopes to change people’s perception of the competition as “some kind of beauty pageant”.

            “I have a lot of things I would love to accomplish. One of the things, which I think a lot of the Roses that have gone before me have tried to fix, is the concept that this is some kind of beauty pageant,” she said.

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