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  1. Niamh

    There’s a video doing the rounds of seagulls apparently killing and eating a pigeon. I have a troubled history with seagulls, so I didn’t watch it. I’ll be too traumatised. I also think, if they can fake the moon landing, they can fake bird cannibalism, right? Then again, the seagulls in my life have long been eating snackboxes, including chicken wings. So maybe we should be a deal more worried about them than we are.

    Just some thoughts inspired by the large poo there. Which is probably a gull’s.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      True story: a couple of weeks ago, I was standing on Camden Street with a sandwich in my hand. There was a seagull on the other side of the street, eyeing me menacingly. As soon as he did the brief wing flutter movement they do just before taking flight, I hopped into my friend’s car and closed the door quickly. The seagull continued to eyeball me, brought his wings to rest and then mouthed a profanity that both my friend and I understood. They’re a fupping menace.

      1. Gorev Mahagut

        I think this is unfair. Most seagulls are decent and honest, they work hard and pay their road tax. But they all get judged by the few who act out. Perhaps if there were more facilities for them to develop interests and marketable skills they wouldn’t have to resort to stealing sandwiches and making unproven allegations about Barnabas’ mother. For too long Ireland has dealt with it’s bird population by making them “fly south for the winter”, but we can’t rely on emigration to solve our own problems.

        But I agree that pooing on the pavement goes too far. Can’t they use the jacks in Brown Thomas like everyone else does?

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Revealing your own inner desire for a soft cushion on which to rest your head, a ball of string, and a violently coloured cat mug.

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