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A petition by [Dublin City] Councillor Chris Andrews calling on the Irish government and Irish Water/Ervia to stop breaching the European Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (UWWTD), to fix the problems which are causing wastewater overflows, and give us a safe, clean and healthy Dublin Bay.

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Previously: The Brown Water Is Back


This morning.

David Douglas writes:

A walk amongst the…wait a minute! Every single week someone throws a newspaper full of fresh shit along the [River] Dodder walk by the Aviva. Anyone know why!?

Sounds like a healthy bran-based diet.




Conall writes:

It’s not all hooman poo on that stretch of the Dodder. Opposite what you might call ‘Poo Corner’, lives this beautiful heron (above) – whom I commune with on a daily basis and who is, I can assure all, enchanted by his surroundings.

Are you all insane?

The water is full of POO algal bloom.

Yes, human poo algal bloom.

This afternoon.

Dollymount Strand.

The Finnegan family, from left, April, Sabella, Ashley, Molly and Paris learn that a bathing ban has been placed on the beach following an overlow from local sewage treatment a preponderance of algal bloom in the locality.

That’ll learn them.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews