A Dish Served Cold


From top: Pat Hickey in Rio last Summer; Shane Ross this morning.


“Judge Moran has exposed the stress and frustration caused to athletes, their families and their friends by the OCI’s appointment of a ticketing agent that was nothing other than a charade and totally unfit for purpose

…He [Justice Moran] was not in pursuit of criminality, merely a narrative of events, however unpalatable….

Nothing in this report suggests that individuals in the OCI were benefiting personally from these arrangements.

But clearly commercial interests can never again be afforded priority over the interests of athletes, their friends and families, and ordinary spectators.I regret that the OCI under the leadership of Pat Hickey defined this doctrine.”

Shane Ross at the Transport, Tourism and Sport joint committee meeting this morning.

The ‘rotten culture’ of the OCI under Pat Hickey has been revealed – Shane Ross (Kevin Doyle, Irish Independent)

Tuesday: Let The Games Begin

13 thoughts on “A Dish Served Cold

  1. nellyb

    I believe lay people largely sympathize with Hickey. I see Hickey’s type of attitude very often. It’s called ‘clever’ in our vernacular.

  2. Joe cool

    It’s a bit late and pointless for Lord Ross to be pontificating. You had your chance to go after him with the full strength of the government behind you, but you bitched out.

    1. Eoin

      He did have to come out and make it clear Hickey wasn’t welcome in Irish sport, after Hickey saying the other day he’s planning on going back to the OCI. Thats all this is.

  3. The Bottler

    Hickey’s wheeling and dealing got women’s boxing into the Olympics. Shane Ross never did anything for sport, typical political tosser.

  4. Murtles

    Wasn’t Shane Ross living it up out in Rio with Hickey then legged it away when the fit hit the shan.
    D’ya wash your two faces this morning Shane?

    1. Gorev Mahagut

      He was also a great cheerleader for Micheal Fingleton and Sean Fitzpatrick, back in the day.

  5. Andrew

    Shane Ross the ‘Healy Rae’ of Mountmerrion. The public voted for this charlatan so they just have to suck it up.
    The same constituency will probably vote Mary Hanafin in the next election.

  6. :-Joe

    I don’t get why Ross is getting so much abuse over this….

    Hickey is connected directly into the source of the problem and needs to be dealt with.

    I heard the head of the OCI board on newsPROPAGANDAtalk drivel-time when this story broke and she would not publicly admit that Hickry’s previous and current position was untennable, along with whatever ambition he has of not being fired and banned permenantly from any OCI involvement in the future.

    It’s a total sham like many others in this country but it shows that there is a deep layer of manure keeping things anonamous and unaccountable to the Irish public.

    If anything I would have thought Shane Ross is the type of TD who would find a way to deal with this in a reasonable manner. If all these fupping party political gob-shy-tea’s would stop kicking him around for next to nothing more than being an independant that they had to rely on to seize on a majority for power and control in the last election ….

    Am I missing something?… Please tell me why Ross is so bad and why the FF/FG coalition of fupping uselessness is so good that you voted for them?….


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