Let The Games Begin


From top: Shane Ross (right) and Pat Hickey flank Olympic sailor Annalise Murphy at Rio last Summer; from left: OCI President Sarah Keane, Executive Committee Member Lochlann Walsh and Honorary Treasurer Billy Kennedy

This afternoon.

Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2

The Olympic Council of Ireland gives a media briefing on the Judge Moran Report into the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The IOC, along with their ticket seller Pro 10 and former president Pat Hickey, declined to take part in the inquiry.

Via BBC:

Pro10 was appointed after another reseller, THG, was rejected by the Rio organising committee.

THG was the authorised ticket reseller for the OCI at the Olympic Games at London in 2012 and Sochi in 2014; it was intended by Marcus Evans, who owned THG, and Mr Hickey that it would be the authorised ticket reseller again at Rio 2016.

However, in May 2015, the Rio Organising Committee for the Olympic Games rejected the application of THG for this position.

The Moran Report stated that Pro10 seemed to be little more than a cover for THG – and that Pro 10 was not fit for purpose.

“It might appear that the appointment of Pro10 was to disguise the continuing involvement of Marcus Evans and THG in the sale of tickets in Ireland for the Rio Olympics,” it said.

The invocation of the “right against self-incrimination” by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), THG, Pro10, and Mr Hickey created a major obstacle.

Irish Rio ticket reseller provided ‘chaotic service’ (BBC)


FORMER OCI boss Pat Hickey intends to return to international Olympic duties “in due course”.

The Dubliner, who is facing trial in Brazil on charges of ticket touting, has said a judge-led inquiry here found no evidence of criminal activity, adding that his good name has been “cleared”.

Former OCI boss Pat Hickey intends to return to Olympic duties ‘in due course’ (Kevin Doyle, Irish Independent)


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8 thoughts on “Let The Games Begin

  1. pooter

    So Pat is looking forward to doing more Olympic work – its amazing how quickly the old heart problem cleared up.

  2. Topsy

    Apparently Pat is looking forward to resuming his Olympic duties in the future. His volunteering spirit is remarkable.

  3. dav

    Heard an interview on Newstalk with Sarah Keane yesterday evening. She sounded scared of pat hickey, as I’m sure the rest of the board of the OCI were and still are. She wouldn’t answer why Pat Hickey was allowed to sign off on unsanctioned deals on his own. Kept on saying that it was the past and we should all look forwarded. She was almost incoherent when it was put to her that Pat Hickey wanted his old job back.
    I’d say he’ll be back in charge of the OCI by the end of the year.

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