Swerve That Dial


From top: Shane Colemen and Sarah Mcinerney and Ivan Yates

Her’s back (again).

Ivan Yates will replace Sarah McInerney and Chris Donoghue on Newstalk’s drivetime show.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Patricia Monahan, Managing Editor of Newstalk said:

“Ivan Yates is one of Ireland’s foremost commentators and has a long history with the station. His brand of straight talking, opinion led commentary will provide an engaging forum for listeners.

This is an exciting time for the business as we continue to develop a brand of opinion led content.

Ms Monahan added: “We are currently in discussions with both Chris Donoghue and Sarah McInerney about alternative roles within the Communicorp Group.”

Ivan Yates set to take over Newstalk’s weekday drive time show in September (Newstalk)

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53 thoughts on “Swerve That Dial

      1. martco

        best of bad after TX fm died :(

        forget the talk crap, none of it is straight or meaningful, you already know what you’re going to hear and it just serves to depress

      2. BobbyJ

        He really has got a soft ride from the media over the years. Tasty €74,836 a year pension too. I wonder how may debts he tried to settle before he ran away.

  1. Aeneas

    That’s Chris Donoghue, not Shane Coleman. Ivan is good and so are Chris and Sarah. It’s the breakfast pair they should purge.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Chris, Sarah & Ivan very informed and likable.
      Williams is a cretin and Coleman (although very good on politics) too obviously pretends to be a human person.

    2. Eoin

      The breakfast show is awful, two grumps backing each others views up and talking down anyone they disagree with.

      Chris, Sarah and Ivan are all good presenters.

  2. Alex Francis

    Ivan Yates and George Hook – Denis O’Briens henchmen. listen to Dublin City FM. Free your mind

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Don’t agree with Hook on everything, but his WWII analogies are great.
      I podcast a lot of Irish radio and I think it’s bundling with choice.
      Nobody is forced to listen!

  3. TheRealJane

    This is great. If there’s one demographic that’s seriously underrepresented in Irish broadcasting, it’s the bellicose conservative old lad.

    I, for one, am very excited about the challenging and innovative content he’s sure to provide.

    1. TheRealJane

      There are lamentably few things that women are good at.

      I’ll add “radio, producing, presenting, listening” to my Excel spreadsheet of Things Beyond The Lady.

      1. LW

        Be careful, maintaining a list is traditionally more of a male job. Just biologically pre disposed for it

        1. kellma

          ah no the girls love the checklists….. the lads are too intuitive and cosmicly organised to be having anything to do with that stuff. Spare. Me.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      I disagree.
      The two Donnybrook ‘M’s are poor but RTE Lyric, the BBC and Radio France have some great female broadcasters. You may be just thinking of that oul breakfast male/female slagging each’s gender claptrap.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I am fond of Lyse Doucet. Is that how you spell it? She has a very odd accent. I love Kirsty Young too.

        1. Bookworm

          There used to be a great lady on BBC Radio 4’s morning program with John Humphreys. Can’t recall her name now. I also like the presenter of Woman’S Hour, Jenny something or other. The greatest Radio host in the world however is Terry Gross presented of NPR’s Fresh Air. Her interviews are incredible

  4. If there's one thing I know

    Sarah McInerney sounds like a badly informed new neighbour who’s just moved in beside you and loves to have an opinion on everything irrespective of her knowledge on the subject. Mind you if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. There’s a reason the big guns get the heavy hitters on for the prim time slots. . The game is up for Chris & Sarah. Tabloid talent at a broadsheet time of day.

    1. Andrew

      By big guns you mean? You’ll have to enlighten me on who the ‘heavy hitters’ are. I don’t know of any working in Irish media.

  5. Pat Brautigan

    I can take it or leave it with Donoghue, but I was really beginning to like McInerney, and she is streets ahead of Cooper, Wilson etc. What a shame genuine talent stuck on the subs bench because of a big name.

    So that leaves us with the choice of Pompous git Yates, pompous git Matt Cooper, Pat Courtenay and his Pat Nav banter with taxi drivers/truckers, Eoghan McDermott, Mary Wilson/overpaid sub, or whoever ‘the kids’ listen to on those stations I don’t listen to. It seems radio programmers really, really, really want us to subscribe to Spotify.

      1. Pat Brautigan

        That is his only saving grace, and he does through in at least 2 gems per hour, though since Colm Hayes, Jim Clarke and other ex RTE people came to Nova I’ve noticed its music getting shitter, more poppier and more commercial by the week. If they played Florence and the Machine a year ago, there’d be outrage!

        1. mark

          Hold on a second, John Clarke of a Sunday is the best thing on Irish radio!
          Every song is a guilty pleasure..

          1. martco

            Pat Courteneay isn’t bad atall if u like 80’s cheese, maybe couple times a week, does know his onions and will occasionally pull out a cracker like Spanish Stroll or similar. He was great when used to do the morning slot, I used to bring the kids to school in the van and they got a great music education those mornings that’s served both very well now in their teens…But defo something changed with that station, some sort of obsession with Australians and ott jingles.

            Really really miss TX fm in the afternoons, fond memories of that..

            Dinnytalk the only slot worthwhile is Tom Dunne oh and Moncrief in small doses like his child psych or farming slot….rest is pointless. imho :)

  6. Andrew

    Yer man Donoghue is about fit to make the tea, that’s about his level. McInerney has a bit more to her.
    No real loss.

    1. If there's one thing I know

      They did but none of them are talking to each other so nothing gets done,

  7. Mt

    They ruined the station with the last shake up. Morning is a disaster. Colmen is good on politics but wasted with all the puff pieces. Williams sounds like a man one show away from getting the boot. Sean needs his half hour back for the local interview. Chris was good with Ivan, and Sarah is good but the drive show is all over the shop.

  8. Rainy Day

    “Opinion led content” ?? …what happened to journalism? ….its will be a fact free zone so.
    IBEC fm for the most part anyway…absolute drivel apart from the sport.

  9. rotide

    Christ, do broadsheet make even the slightest effort at copy?

    The regurgitated text from the press releases makes no sense until you read the link below it.

  10. Mauriac

    Facts schmachtts…I want opinion led content!
    Seriously grab some news in the morning then listen to music.read a weekend paper,subscribe to something like the economist or the london review of books.avoid all these Wafflers and advertisers.life is short.maximise your pleasure.
    Bbc6,fip radio, french nova, radio paradise , Spotify , SoundCloud….treat yourself.

  11. Truth in the News

    Newstalk should recruit Sean Fitzpatrick and indeed John Gilligan onto the
    broadcast team……indeed Dennis should the given slot too, say a type of
    “Word for the Day” homily

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