35 thoughts on “Good Game, Good Game

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    From a demographic point of view, males born in the 1920s (in developed nations) are fading fast.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Christ. I thought you were the virile replacement to Mani. Big fan of Sir Brucie then?

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            do you remember Mani ‘s avatar ?
            and his obsession with champers Maria?
            I would be prudent about who’s boyo I’d borrow

          3. Brother Barnabas

            ah, no, hang on

            I was talking about brucie’s mickey, not mani’s mickey

            in fact, I don’t think mani had one – had the other if you get me

          4. realPolithicks

            So currently you’re using Bruce’s 89 year old mickey, how does Sister Barnabas feel about that?

          5. Frilly Keane

            Ah here

            A bitta decorum ffs

            What are ye like, an’you a brudder n’all
            Talking about Mickies in a condolences thread
            What would Brucie say

            “You get nothing for a pair ….. Not in this game … dear”

  2. Joe cool

    His funeral will be a long one….lowering him into his Grave.
    Higher lower higher lower
    rip Brucie

  3. Harry Molloy

    great showman, knew how to handle an audience, it’s the end of an era.

    documentary on Joe dolan on rte, three things I learned, that buachail could sing, he also knew how to put on a show, and there’s no show like a Joe show :-)

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