Behold the 2018 BMW Z4 or something very similar to it.

Long, low, more aggressive in stance than its curvy predecessor, which went out of production last summer, its lines unchanged since 2009.

The new Z4 will be launched at Monteray Car Week next August. Price tba.


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8 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Mr. Ed

    Maybe I’m out of the loop and regulars on here know better, but I’ve always been a bit curious? Does Broadsheet only run car advertisements as a policy? Do you reject ads from other kinds of businesses? I’ve only ever seen cars…

    1. Harry Molloy

      Think it just associates nice automotive engineering :-)

      and I love these posts. that car is sexy as hell and I don’t usually like convertible beamers

  2. Tony

    Never saw a car ad on here. The Google ads are user specific though. Maybe your search history has lots of car sites and is targeting you with car ads. I keep getting lingerie ads but quite frankly that’s none of your business

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