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KOTANICAL’s Karl Murray and his essential oils (top)

What’s that smell?

It’s the aroma of entrepreneurial gumption with a hint of lavender.

Ian Matthews, of the Irish Entrepreneur Blog, writes:

Karl Murray is an entrepreneur who has founded Irish essential oils company, KOTANICAL. After realising that other Irish essential oil companies were simply rebottling oils or mixing others together to make their own blends.

Karl  decided to start the first company in Ireland to distill their own essential oils and use 100% natural sources.

We spoke with Karl (at link below) about his production process, how he markets his products and the importance of mentorship as a new business owner in Ireland.

Irish Essential Oils: An Interview With The Founder of KOTANICAL (Irish Entrepreneur Blog)

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  1. God IV

    Homeopathic remedies are placebos. Any active ingredients are diluted to such a degree that they effectively no longer present. This is because of some crazy belief that has no basis in science whatsover. Any one with a biochemical background will confirm this

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