27 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. Joe cool

    So your hatred of the West and it’s culture is vindicated by slaughtering 7 year old children? Abhorrent, despicable, inexcusable

    1. Praetorian

      The reptiles who bathe themselves in this wretched idiloligy will see nothing wrong with this barbarism

  2. Frilly Keane

    Why embargo a story that’s the same as every other year
    Slightly up
    Some messing with the marking and grading
    Some down because of less applications

    Tis ya know
    The same every year

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Obliterating Myers & puff pieces on racists from Wayback and Archive etc due to an boycott campaign?

  3. Jimmey Russell

    can we put the unfortunate incident in barcelona behind us now? it’s in the past we have to move forward if it stays plastered over the papers is will add to the culture of scrutiny and suspicion that Muslims have to deal with every day, the incident in Barcelona was just one moment of madness by a troubled individual(s), what happens to innocent Muslims happens EVERY DAY.

    1. petey

      sure those guys in barcelona were only frightened by all the antifascists who were making fun of them and were trying to drive away.

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