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    1. Boomskidaboom

      Absolutely, because that’s what his wife of 30 years was playing for, a Brucie bonus of €17m. No class from a rag like that.

  1. Shayna

    I’m not convinced that Mayo should be involved in a headline story about winning ‘The All-Ireland’, given that two of the guys from ’51 are still alive. If any county deserves to take ‘Sam’ home, surely it’s Mayo. Despite being an unbeliever in curses, this particular one seems to carry weight.
    Without being biased (I’m a Tyrone type), I think Tyrone will beat Dublin next Sunday and meet Mayo (who’ll defeat Kerry in their Semi) in the final.
    I’ll never forget the respect shown to Tyrone by Mayo following the death of Cormac MacAnnallen when Tyrone travelled to Mayo for their first outing since his passing, in The National League. Everywhere, outside houses, pubs and what-not, they flew Tyrone flags in Mayo. It was really quite touching. My dad (R.I.P) who played for Tyrone in ’56/’57 who was with me, welled-up at the sight. (Mayo beat us that day).
    As much as I’d like to see Tyrone win for the fourth time, I wouldn’t begrudge Mayo a victory, they play nice football and have done for many years.
    But ultimately, it’s a “Come On Tyrone” scenario.

      1. Shayna

        I’m no Mrs Spillane, nor am I Mrs Brolly, nor O’Rourke. Dublin – a small county, against Tyrone (Biggest county in Ulster) apparently we have the ‘giant gene’ inherited from Fionn McCool. I’ve a cousin who is 6′ 9″ and his brother is 6′ 7″. I’m a mere 6′ 2″ (pretty tall for a gal).
        The Dubs have had it easy in Leinster, Tyrone and Dublin drew in The National League, I think this time around the ‘Giants’ will defeat the “Wee fellahs”.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    I see we are to be the recipients of another Pledge from FFG. The Fiscal Space thought machine is still running on Noonans fumes. Paschal Dunnoknowhow has planned Billions and billions of it over the next three years.
    Aren’t we extremely lucky to have such people at the helm? The Pledge-Meister himself, Enda Kenny, has been out-pledged.

  3. Charger Salmons

    Not a mention of England’s demolition of the Windies within three days at Edgbaston.
    Typical anti-Brit sentiment of the Irish papers.

    1. LW

      If it’s not front page news in the English papers, it hardly warrants same over here. I’m sure it’s in the sports section though

      1. Shayna

        Like I used to say to the English Lieutenant from The British Army in the 80s who always appeared on patrol with his ‘platoon’ just as I was getting off my school bus, told me who I was? Why did my dad not drink or smoke? How many babies has my mom delivered (she was a mid-wife)?
        “That’s not cricket old-boy”!

  4. Shayna

    I know that the North of Ireland was a testing ground for MI5/6 techniques to be used elsewhere, more important destinations. The ‘Paddy’ was a dispensable commodity. The torture of the ‘interned’ – beaten to within death is long since forgotten. The CIA model their ‘Advanced Interrogation Process’ on teachings from Ireland.
    The whole cricket thing evokes memories of people I know being beaten by a cricket bat in Long Kesh, by people who weren’t prison officers.
    Maybe, that’s why cricket is under- reported?

    1. Nancy

      @ Shayna

      I enjoy your comments immensely. You always shoot from the hip, telling the naked truth, no matter how ugly and dispicable, regarding the English treatment of the Irish.

      You,, my dear, are a real treasure. Have a lovely Sunday x

      1. Shayna

        Go raibh maith agat! English types coming over here, and complaining about not being able to read about cricket scores – was it for this?

  5. Shayna

    I’ve been watching back-to-back “Curb Your Enthusiasm” of late. One episode, Larry David pretends to be more Jewish than he is and mimics an orthodox type, in Yiddish. That is what Sinn Féin are for me. A collective of types who can’t really speak Irish, they should spend a week-end in The Glenties, Donegal, where they’ll be assured they can’t speak our native language.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Pat, I throw me hat at it, it’s got to that stage. I suspect I’m not “a true Gael” despite having originated here, and generations before me. Just not GAAAAAH enough for the current crew. They can ask me ho-ill

      2. petey

        my father told once about how in his youth he used to see paddy considine (or whoever it was) coming across the field with his bagels. and i, his new york born son, thought, bagels? in ireland in 1930? the penny dropped, it was your man’s hunting dog buddies.

        1. Nigel

          ‘This bagel is Cream Cheese, and this fella’s Poppy and this fella’s Sunflower. Oi! Plain With Smoked Salmon! Get back in there!’

      1. Lilly

        If Love Hate is anything to go by, the women are happy enough to enjoy the spoils and turn a blind eye to the skulduggery. A bit like Maureen Haughey.

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Thank you Jesus and Lilly – a crushing indictment on no evidence other than surmise. Ever heard the saying “you can choose your friends, but not your family”? Are YOU your brother’s keeper?

    1. Gay Tea Shop

      Don’t spoil the narrative. The woman’s death needs to be used to sell more. Disgusting.

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