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  1. Shayna

    Tralee isn’t the quaintest town in Ireland. To be fair, I’d go for An Deagán (Dingle – Jesus, I know), Waterford, even? Kilkenny, perchance? Tralee? – maybe they should call it, “The Rose of “Killarney” and move it there? Fine looking girl, she is, so, etc…

      1. Shayna

        Sorry Harry, I can’t watch it, ever since Michaela Harte didn’t win back in the early noughties – and now she’s dead. She had a dream about Tyrone winning The All-Ireland in 2003, but inconveniently she didn’t foresee her own demise on her honeymoon? I’m being a tad flippant, surely – but no-one is a sooth-sayer, this goes to prove?

        1. Johnny Keenan

          Shanya yer right about Michaela Harte. She was a beautiful soul. I didn’t know she was on the Rose Of Tralee.

          1. Malton

            yer mixing up yer Shanyaz. thinking of shanya twain fupping mad talent singer dancer and all time entertaner

    1. rotide

      1. It’s An Daingean
      2. There’s already a festival called the Lilly of Killarney.

      Glad i could clear that up.

  2. Shayna

    That seems quite clever of Trump to push in another 4,000 odd U.S troops into Afghanistan after the mass withdrawal of NATO over the past few years? I think he’s going to blow up the World.

    1. Malton

      yed be as well stixking to de singing luv

      hav no time for atomic energy cos nobody ever stop de time

      ever her that doll?

  3. Johnny Keenan

    Typical! Trump decided to blow up the world just when Offaly win the rose of Tralee. We’re never allowed to savour anything good.

    1. Shayna

      I think it was @1998 when the ref blew-up (that’s topical) the match 2 mins early – a sit-down ensued and Offaly won – hardly an historic win, by a sit-down protest!
      Offaly is great – you’ve got the, and the? As Larry David would put it, it’s pretty, pretty good!

  4. Shayna

    @Johnny Keenan Yes, Michaela Harte was The Ulster Rose in ’04. She rehearsed with the Tyrone team of ’03 in singing Amrán na Bhiann in preparation for Tyrone’s first ever All-Ireland. We lost herself and Cormac McAnnallen after the ’03 final – should have been 3 in a row. Fate had other plans, unfortunately.

  5. Shayna

    I do beg one’s pardon. As one approaches a certain vintage, dates and occurrences simply reel, as if a milk churn falling off a trailer, tipping in the 60s.

  6. Shayna

    A milk churn was a steel vessel shaped like a stout glass, except it contained 10 gallons of milk. Cows, milked by my own “fairish” hands were transported to a Churn following a complicated filtration process. Bucket from under a cow, passed through muslin cloth into the churn. Churn transported to the pantry. The Pantry was a shed filled with concrete baths where the water from the well kept the milk icy cool until the guy from the dairy turned up and collected the churns.
    That of course changed in the 80s, machine milking – the guy from the dairy was now a tanker driver, a different guy each time. The familiarity had gone.

  7. Shayna

    I, perhaps spent too much time milking cows as a kid. I saw the vet do things to boy calves – it was not pretty.
    My dad also owned a hard-ware store in my local town. Picture framing – glazing / sell you a lawn-mower/chain-saw /any tools/ grass seed/paint – mixed/wallpaper/ fine bone china etc. I learned my life in that store.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      My apologies also (why do I always sound harsh). There is no doubt an intriguing memoir to be written about your transition from the pastoral to “Bright lights – showbiz etc.,”

      1. Shayna

        If only I had the words Sheik, it appears I’m word without. I’ve been writing a “thing” for the past 15 years.

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Keep at it, Dear One. It is said that we all have a story, but some are vastly more interesting than others. :-)

  8. Shayna

    The milking of cows is clearly no longer a distraction, so that’s good. However simple it was, I miss those days. I got very good at digging. I used to dig holes for boy calves. It’s not something that a kid should know about, let alone participate – was there something wrong with my family?

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        And look up “This be the Verse” by Philip Larkin, that’ll answer all your questions.

        1. Shayna

          Also, just checked out your “Poetry Corner” – not altogether great about parents. I do have to say. The cow milking was just a thing, I wasn’t beaten to it – I actually knew the herd.I knew who was in charge. The biggest one, Tess was in charge, she always put on a dispute when I put on the machine, a few years earlier, I was milking her into a bucket.
          It may sound a tad sad, or country on it – but, we didn’t all grow up in Dublin. Some of us grew up with an orchard field, where my aunties and uncles would kick a ball on a Sunday morning after mass into the orchard – high into the air, and let loose “Sport”, our dog, a German Shepherd against me to see who catches the ball before it hit the ground.
          Jesus that dog was highly trained in GAA.

    1. Shayna

      If there was a Nuremberg for farmers, (live-stock) Don’t get me started on chickens. I worked on a video a long time ago, fronted by Joanna Lumley (I did her words) about battery chickens – it took six chickens to get the shot. The chickens had never seen daylight until they were transported to London for the shoot. One after the other, they fainted. The director got his shot on the sixth chicken. The chickens used were given to a Lady in London, Soho -where from her pent-house, she keeps chickens?

    1. Shayna

      I don’t think McGregor has a tiny inkling of a suggestion of a thought of winning – am I the only type to see the guy he’s “fighting” . Maywether, he’s only gone ahead and rolled down ‘Muscle Mountain’, whilst he was rolling he picked up a few more.
      I remember listening on a transistor radio with my dad and brother (whether we liked it or not), ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’. Yes, I’m that old! That was proclaimed as the Boxing Match of the Century.
      I hope for McGregor, he’s not hurt too much to fupp up the fight of this century.

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Shayna, I’ve done me level best – there is no more communion between thee and me than if I was a native of New Guinea. I’ll never understand your strange views, and I really have tried.

          1. Sheik Yahbouti

            PS only six million on the entire Island. Less than the population of, say Mamchester, for example. Open up.

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