Do You Drive A Dublin Taxi?


Did you pick up a fare in Pearse Square tonight?

Beibhinn writes:

This is very urgent. A laptop was left in the back of a cab going from Pearse Square, Pearse Street to Harrington Street [Dublin 2] at around 6pm this evening.

This laptop IS our business and is irreplaceable.

It’s A Toshiba in a navy computer bag there are invoices in bag too with markets address & mobile contact numbers s plus a mobile merchant card reader

The taxi was hailed on the street and we have no info on the driver or cab company. Please, please help us spread the word to readers.


8 thoughts on “Do You Drive A Dublin Taxi?

    1. martco

      it’s a horrible thing to happen and can happen without so much as a drop of alcohol involved…life distracts sometimes

      proper backup is mandatory! jesus if I had a quid for everytime……anyway hopefully they have one

  1. Conaldo

    The Carriage Office no longer deals with lost property. There are 5 designated Garda stations in the Dublin area that manage property that has been found in taxis. The stations are:

    Irishtown: 01 666 9600
    Store Street: 01 666 8000
    Finglas: 01 666 7500
    Tallaght: 01 666 6000
    Shankill: 01 666 5900

  2. guy bague

    Backups: like flossing nobody bothers until they lose something.

    Can’t be much of a business with those kind of IT policies.

    Have a 3 Euro donut.

  3. Rob_G

    If anyone in anyone has ever done any business with a Beibhinn that works for a small company – sorry, but all your correspondence with/data that you have provided to this company has been compromised.

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