14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Fade Street

  1. Toe Up

    That’s the freestyle section complete, when are they going to put in the bollards for the slalom event?

  2. spudnick

    The whole thing was a bit odd – at any given time there were more bored security guards than onlookers. The area was a bit too short on space for a festival feel. Nice idea by local business but the area is too narrow.

    1. D

      100% agree. It was a bizarre event. I work on Fade St and the whole day I had people asking what the hell was going on outside. A bit of a sham of a festival I’m afraid.

  3. andy moore

    Yup every ‘Hundred ” shall be blessed with a title ! Dunno what they’ll call Dalkey ?? The ”Opinionated Quarter” maybe ??

  4. George

    Privatisation of public space and intense lobbying for less ‘social infrastructure’ in city centre. Dublintown is toxic.

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