21 thoughts on “Our Brand Is Crisis

    1. gepo the great

      ah yea, the usual short sighted response “move then” .. showing no understanding that theres people who’s lives have different caveats to yours. i bet youre also one of those heads who buy into the FG line of there being enough houses for homeless people but they dont want them? .. because its impossible for you to understand all the different circumstances for different people. narrow minded dope.

  1. Sir Henry of Woods

    What? I thought Glen Hansard solved all this ages ago?
    Remember Apollo House?
    All those ‘Irish Celebrities’ chauffeured in from Killiney to save Ireland?

    Seriously, the only way to fix the housing and employment problems is to deport all non Irish.

  2. Bort

    It’s grand they’re building 8,000 gaffs in Clonburris (Clondalkin West) . 3 beds “starting” at 300K.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Is that not affordable housing?

      Do you not have a spare 300k squirreled away underneath the mattress?

        1. Boj

          Well I like many others bought it on the premise that it was a SDZ which was a legal framework for development. Looks like the word ‘legal’ means different things, dependent on what side of the goalposts you are on. I’ve contacted and approached local TD’s from ALL parties with my view to sue for false advertising (hehe). Needless to say, all of their responses were shoulder shrugs and one actually said ‘it is what it is’…Meanwhile, 1/3 of the way through my mortgage with 2 young kids and trapped in Adamstown with no real prospect of upgrading. Happy days huh! I’ll never trust anything ever again in this place.

          1. dav

            Adamstown won’t be finished by the present regime because the previous regime started and the civilwarshirts cannot afford to hand a “success” to the other side.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Adamstown was a Bertie announcement

        So this crowd want their own gig
        For their own bhoys

  3. Diddy

    I would suggest a Irish water style march about this but does it have as broad an appeal? Homeowners with a social conscience would have to turn out and back up those who are under the jackboot of this merciless rental crisis for it to work.

    A popular activist to lead the charge would help gain awareness. I’d be for a September march. Welcome the Boo Boos in Leinster house back

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