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*kicks telly*

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34 thoughts on “Finally

  1. ivan

    With Louis on that, it reminds me of that Tom Lehrer quote “Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize”

    1. Boj

      That’s a talent…go for it! Stand up on stage and pull a muscle…then be judged.

      They should do a study on that, The Irish cringe – why and how does it occur? Why is brit-bake off cool, then (in 10 years) RTE do a version and we’ll all cringe. It’s happened multiple times.

      1. rotide

        1. This thread is about TV3, not RTE
        2. The show runs on ITV in Britain, not BBC
        3. Calling RTE BBC Ireland is pretty much the best compliment you can give to a tv station.

    1. rotide

      You do realise that the Got Talent format has been succesfully sold to a huge amount of nations all over the world? Would your comment still work if it was ‘America’s got so much talent that it still has to copy British TV.’?

  2. Pete

    Countdown to TV3’s innovative new baking challenge ‘The Great Irish Bakeoff’ hosted by, let’s say, Lucy Kennedy or whoever

      1. Pete

        You’re the ignorant one poo poo head.
        Countdown to TV3’s innovative new reality TV review ‘Gogglebox Ireland’ hosted by, let’s say, Lucy Kennedy or whoever

          1. Pete

            The joke’s on you ploppy breath Rotide.
            Tv3 will never do ‘Blind Date’ though hosted by, let’s say, Lucy Kennedy or whoever

    1. missred

      I read this morning about herself coming here for this and nearly fainted. Sure they’re spending all their dough at TV3 on Louis Walsh’s fee – how could they afford her?

      1. ahjayzis

        Apparently they’ve a new show with Katie Hopkins too. So It’s all for nought. I wouldn’t even glance at a channel/publication giving that thing money.

  3. Friscondo

    Don’t remember Visage having a female member in that Fade to Grey video. I’d check her credentials if I was TV3.

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