Anon writes:

Sinn Féin TD John Brady turns up to remove scooters and traffic cones from the  Dargle in Bray [County Wicklow] – photo in current edition of North Wicklow Times…

Fair play, In fairness…


…the scene at 7pm yesterday evening with the same cone and scooter in the same spot

Good times.

Wicklow Times

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27 thoughts on “Darglegate

  1. Spud

    That pic makes it clear the rubbish *was* removed!!!

    I don’t see the politicians anywhere in sight ;)

  2. postmanpat

    Well what do you expect from Sinn Fein in fairness. They are a bunch of scumbags and the political wing of the IRA that murder innocent people. Littering and lying is nothing to them. Id tell someone in Wicklow to pick up that rubbish and leave it on the door step of the Sinn Fein IRA constituency office in the town, but you’d probably be followed home by a lackey and end up in the Dargle wearing concrete shoes.

        1. Pete

          Jaysus pat you’re such a clumsy facepalmy doofus of a SF critic, you actually make me like them. I LIKE SF now pat. Are you happy?

          1. postmanpat

            I don’t vote in elections so I couldn’t care less. You should “like”John Brady on his facebook page. I’m sure he’ll be delighted. Or donate to the party if you have the spare pocket money that your ma gives you. They might be only able to buy only one more surplus grenade from Libya or Columbia, but sure every little bit helps.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Anon didn’t pose for a what-a-great-guy-I-am photo for the front page of the newspaper on the pretext he was going to pick it up

      1. Boj

        Ah, so someone else will do it. Take a pic for a good old fashioned give-out, then walk away. Now I understand why they are ‘Anon’.

  3. Mé Féin

    How do we know photo 2 wasn’t taken before photo 1?
    And why “Anon”? Is it someone from another party?

  4. Sèamus

    Hi guys and gals….as Chairperson of the voluntary group called Bray Coastcare Group, which was set up in 2007 by local people and I to help clean up our beautiful coastal areas, I won’t lie, this post just came to my attention and it really saddens me that certain people would rather make fun and find fault in the hard work of volunteers taking their own time out to help clean up their town than say fair play or not say anything at all. For everyone’s information during our monthly clean up in August we decided to send 3 of our volunteers on the day down to the Dargle River (thanks to posts on this forum highlighting the fact that scooters and traffic cones were thrown into the river) So we went down to try to get out as much as we could tide allowing. We had a very tricky time gaining access to the river bed (with the new flood defence works making access a little more tricky) when we did get onto the river bed we collected hundreds of beer cans and bottles into bags for removal and removed these on departure. We also spotted some scooters and a large red wavin pipe. We knew it would be tricky getting these (heavy items) out as we had no large ladder (voluntary so we don’t have extensive amounts of equipment) so we pulled it together to a central location so we could collect and remove later. I then waded into the river and spent over an hour removing 5 (quite heavy) traffic cones from various locations in our towns river. During this time the tide came in quite quickly up above my waist and the small pile we brought together further up the river were submerged. We therefore decided to wait until our next monthly cleanup to try and get a long ladder somehow to remove these. I must say as someone who has spent over 10 years trying my best along with hundreds of selfless volunteers from our town and beyond it is extremely disheartening to see some of these comments. Please get the REAL facts before ridiculing volunteers who only want to help better their and maybe your town. Sad that more time and effort by some is not spent on trying to improve things in Bray instead of seemingly bringing people down. Anyone want to join Bray Coastcare Group at our September cleanup? Would be nice to see some familiar faces from here joining our 350 volunteers on the emailing list. PS: Thanks a million to all our great volunteers getting their hands dirty over the last 10 years! Sèamus Connor

    1. steve white

      Afaik the Broadsheet post based on the Anonymous information and photo is enitirely factual, its the WIcklows Times article that isn’t.

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