Gardening Leave


Free accommodation (with chair) for casual gardening work in Sligo

Are you a  green-fingered introvert?

Fancy a free(ish) month in the country?

Via Gumtree

An ideal situation for someone looking to save on rental costs while living surrounded by fantastic natural scenes [County Sligo].

The property is set in a spectacular location with views of the iconic Ben Bulben mountain, as well as nearby features such as beaches, surfing, hiking, scenic cycling routes.

Plenty of work has been done on the place over the summer but maintenance is necessary over the coming months. We don’t expect too much work, a few hours here and there just to keep the place ticking along.

We have plans to remodel the whole place into an artist retreat so it’s open to any initiative you can bring to the table in this regard too.

You could keep a job on the go while just doing some gardening work here the odd evening and on weekend afternoons.

We have a 4 acre plot and free accommodation space so if this all the above sounds good to you, this is your lucky day!…. Looking for someone who can stay at least a month between Sept-December.

Free accommodation for casual gardening work (Gumtree)

Kevin Whitty writes:

You would return a better person…

In Fairness/Fight!


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24 thoughts on “Gardening Leave

  1. Brother Barnabas

    “the odd evening and on weekend afternoons”

    Would that be 10 hours a week? So around €100 of labour. So around €450 a month to live in a sh1tty caravan in a field. Guess it’s okay because they sound chilled and right-on and they’re into artists and stuff.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Hush your noise, pet. Come listen to some whale music and draw your feelings on this vellum with some charcoal. There, there.

    2. AnAccountant

      450 quid’s worth of labour for a month’s rent. These guys don’t have much capital to play with. They sent this to Broadsheet because they’re looking for a hipster to take it, ie, someone who doesn’t *need* a job to feed their kids or pay the bailiffs or whatever. Nothing wrong with it.

  2. Casey

    Shure who wouldn’t want the chance to freeze their bottom area off in a caravan in rural Sligo for the Autumn and Winter whilst getting paid nowt?


  3. Rob_G

    I always wonder why Sligo isn’t a more well-established tourist destination; it really is very beautiful.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Crappy ole towns, that’s why. Sligo town is very depressing. Ballymote? Cripes. Very depressing. I guess Tubbercurry isn’t bad, but that’s not saying much.

        1. scottser

          ah now, i’d a whale of a time at the fleadh a few years ago. great buzz altogether. i thought sligo was a pretty little town with the garavogue going through it.

          1. AnAccountant

            Well, it’s all about perspective, isn’t it. That part of the town centre with the shops on the river bank is quite pretty, I won’t argue about that. The bits behind that street aren’t great though. In fairness my perspective on the place is shaped by booze orientated weekends so I picture street fights, 2 parochial nightclubs that stank of pish and grey, empty streets full of grey empty houses at 8am on a Saturday when I was staggering towards the breakfast roll shop. Still, one of them Westlife lads took a pish beside me in one of those nightclubs once, so there’s that.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Is it? [That’s a genuine question, not a snark BS’esque question]. I was only there for a couple of days but liked it. Even had a drunken I’m-going-to-come-and-live-here moment.

      2. Otis Blue

        When Tubbercurry becomes the benchmark you really know you’re fecked.

        Hargadon’s is a nice pub in Sligo town though.

  4. Jake38

    “I always wonder why Sligo isn’t a more well-established tourist destination…………”

    Because it rains there all the time.

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