This morning.

Spotted in Loughlinstown/Killliney, South County Dublin.

The Goat writes:

“Wider than a car lane. Over twice the width of the new bike lane. Urban planning madness.”


15 thoughts on “How Wide?

  1. Vote Rep #1

    Don’t see the problem. Its wide enough for buggies, wheelchairs, etc to pass easy without needing to go onto the grass or cycle lane. Why would the cycle lane need to be bigger, its going one way only and has enough room to over take.

  2. PhilJo

    Wide enough for 2 wheelchairs to pass each other.

    As pointed out above, if a cycle path allows 2 bikes to pass each other it’s fit for purpose (though I’m sure you lose priority a junctions with minor roads and can’t get off the cycle path in time to make any right turns because cycle paths are at best an attempt to get bikes out of the way and more often designed with no clear objective other than ticking the box that says a bike lane was installed

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