‘An Increase Of 153 Children’


Kitty Holland, in The Irish Times, reports:

“July saw the biggest monthly increase in the number of homeless children in Dublin since January 2016, and second largest rise since the homelessness crisis began, figures to be published on Friday show.”

“The data, from the Dublin Region Homeless Executive, also reveals that of the 215 families that Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy said in May would be out of commercial hotels and in “family hubs” by the end of the summer, just 48 have made the move.”

“Despite his commitment that the majority of families would be out of hotels by the autumn, numbers have increased from 647 in May to 753 last month.”

“July was also to be the month no homeless family would be in a commercial hotel under a target set by Mr Murphy’s predecessor Simon Coveney.”

The number of homeless children in all forms of emergency accommodation in Dublin during the week July 24th-30th was 2,423 in 1,178 families.”

This compares to 2,270 children in 1,115 families in the week of June 19th to 25th, an increase of 153 children.”

Surge in number of homeless children in Dublin (The Irish Times)


Pic: MIck Caul

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13 thoughts on “‘An Increase Of 153 Children’

  1. Eoin

    The state can’t encourage bubbles in property AND have affordable housing at the same time. Yes we have a housing problem but even if that’s resolved we still have an affordable housing problem.

    1. Joe cool

      They can and when it goes tootles up they know we’ll pick up the tab AGAIN. But sure it’s great, leo wears funny socks and is gay you know

  2. Diddy

    The puppet masters in high finance must be deleighted that our elected government is doing exactly as they wish. Bank balance sheets looking rosy again. Nama sold to vulchers. Workers stagnant pay being eaten away by spiralling rents. Happy days are here again

    1. realPolithicks

      They’re also flying kites about removing the cap on bankers salaries. That’s what the priority is for this right wing government, the housing emergency will never be resolved because they don’t care about it. Until it affects their vote they will pay lip service to resolving it but actually do very little.

    1. dav

      but but it was them ff’ers what done it and the shinners are killers and those communists will ruin the country if ye ever vote for them and, and , here’s leo on the cover of Vouge…

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